Even though I was woken after just 4 hours sleep, I am sat here with tears in my eyes after the best night ever.

As soon as we all went to bed Pixie cuddled up to me. Throughout the night she got closer and closer, and at one point when I woke she had her head tucked under my chin and my face was buried between her ears!!

She didn’t mind me tucking her under the covers (she loves being under covers) in fact a few times she initiated it with nose nudges, and I was allowed to lift them up for her to scuttle under.

At 5am she woke up for a quick pootle about. She hopped off the mattress and had her first sniff of her crate šŸ™‚

When she came back to bed she climbed right back under the covers and snuggled right against me, even though she knew I was awake!

We snuggled for a while and then I thought I’d risk some strokes. All good, dozing away!

I stroked her for the next hour. One time she I stroked her when she was awake and it actually sent her back to sleep – I thought she was doing slow blinking calming signals at first, as she does them a lot, but no she was just falling asleep!

Just now she woke up as I was watching TV and stroking her side, and she got up. I immediately stopped stroking her in case she was moving away to be left alone, and she was actually coming to move closer and get more love! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤

Better believe I shed a few happy tears šŸ™‚

Of course I have no idea how this will carry across today, she might be just as fearful…but what a HUGE step, I’m so happy for her!


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