Goodbye to a special little girl

Today when I let the chins out I immediately noticed Bandoose was poorly.

She was hunched, lethargic, not moving, and although eating it was very slow. She was also skinny. Chilli was fine.

I called my partner.

We let Bandoose out and she shuffled about, at first she didn’t move more than a few steps but after half an hour she was more herself. Although unsteady and slow on her feet, she was hopping about and snuffling everywhere.

We brought their dust bath down, and she dived straight in but didn’t have the strength to do her usual barrel role. Nevertheless she seemed to enjoy it.

After several hours doing whatever she wanted, and eating popcorn (her favouritest thing in the world and a very rare treat) we took her and had her PTS.

The vets didn’t know what was wrong as there were no external symptoms. They said it could be cancer and offered further checks they could do, but we opted to end her suffering.

We’re firm believers it’s quality of life over quantity, and we did not want to see Bandi sad 😦

Bandoose was a very special chinchilla. We adopted her at just shy of 8 years old, and she had settled in within a few days. She loved her sister Chilli dearly, and over the coming months she bonded to us more and more.



As she grew to trust us her confidence blossomed, and she began relishing time out the cage.

Alongside nibbling things she found on the carpet, bounding up and down the stairs and leaping on and off us, she also loved saying hi to all the other pets and was a very friendly girl.

My partner is devastated to have lost Bandoose. At first he was inconsolable; Bandoose taught him so much, especially about what amazing pets chinchillas are. He loved her with all his heart 😦

Bandoose had a fantastic life though and was a really happy girl. She will be very much missed, and we will be spending a lot of time with her sister to try help her grieve.

RIP Bandi, we love you so much ❤




8 thoughts on “Goodbye to a special little girl

    • Thank you very much. She was loved, and it was her that cemented the idea that we always wanted to own chinchillas.

    • It was a really nasty shock, because we thought we’d have many many more years with her 😦 She was immensely loved and I know Chilli’s going to miss her a lot…I hope we can keep Chilli happy on her own.

      I will give Chilli bomb some of her favourite herbs from you. Thank you ❤

  1. I’m so sad for you! I didn’t realize Bandoose was 8 years old. Sometimes its best to let them go than to make them go through something that makes them have a poor quality of life. I’ll be sending good thoughts your way.

    • Thank you ❤ Yes, they were older girls when we adopted them, but chinchillas can live 15 years in captivity so I was hoping we had many more years with them 😦

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