Fostering, day 1

A few days ago an elderly woman who knows us because of our dogs (ie. she is terrible with dogs and always wants to say hi to Kasper and Rey, and we have to try avoid her a lot!!) came around and asked if we could look after her neighbours’ dog.

The dog is a Chihuahua x Dachshund about 8 months old, housetrained, vet checked / vaccinated, and spayed. Supposedly good with other dogs and cats, and playful in personality. That’s all we knew.

We said we would try look after the dog, if there were no issues and it didn’t upset the boys.

I thought the neighbour was going to bring the dog around to us…but the dog is too scared for them to get her.


We said we’d go to the house and see her, and wow. She is oneΒ scared girl!!!

And she’s only 8 months old πŸ˜₯

We sat in a separate room to her for hours. To begin with she would stay 15+ft away and bark repeatedly. We completely ignored her. After an hour she was trying to sniff out and eat the treats, but still kept several feet away. I did get sniffed once though!

The neighbour called the womans’ sister, who is in the area but leaving tonight, and the sister came over as the dog knows her…wow okay, she grabbed the dog (who was clearly terrified) and dragged her out by her collar!!!!

Once the lead was clipped on we walked her to our house. This normally takes less than 5 minutes, but it took 20 minutes with Pixie because she was so scared.

There was much straining in the opposite direction, lying down, tucked tail, cowering etc. And to boot her collar is stupidly large and she can fit her head out, so that was a huge worry, and we won’t be able to tighten it any time soon!!

When we finally made it home I literally had to drag her into the house as she was so scared. I waited a long time but she was working herself up and I couldn’t pick her up, so 😦

Inside we dropped the lead but left it attached.

Pixie is in the living room, on her own for now. The boys are in the other downstairs rooms, the cats have upstairs. Seesh!

Pixie was very stressed: panting, yawning, lip licks etc. I scattered some hotdog about and gave her the pupcake we bought at the fair recently. She hasn’t eaten anything but sniffed them.

We have a small plastic crate for her (I have no idea what she’s like left or whatever) and for tonight we’ll put her in a small section of pen with the crate inside, right byΒ our mattress.

For now she is keeping her distance, but she has been quiet and doesn’t seem as scared. She has been here several hours and is lying down about 5ft away from me.

We are completely ignoring her. Offering lots of calming signals without looking at her. I hope she does okay, I’m not sure what they want to do otherwise. I don’t have any photos as she is too scared.

Tonight will be interesting…


8 thoughts on “Fostering, day 1

    • Me too, there’s quite a few things I’d like to try with her…she doesn’t know her name, has absolutely zero confidence, and doesn’t know anything else. Seems to have been treated very harshly. Would really love to spoil her while she’s here, so I hope everyone gets along πŸ™‚

  1. Oh poor pup sounds like she’s had a rough time 😦 hope you can make some progres with her and show her it’s not so scary, yous honestly have hearts of gold πŸ™‚

    • Yes…I imagine life was scary enough with her owner disappearing, but it sounds like she was an extremely fearful dog already and she hasn’t been treated very kindly. She’s absolutely terrified, bless her, although we made some good progress in the night – from cuddling next to me in bed, to sleeping half on me at 5am, and she took treats from me just now πŸ™‚

      Haha nah, the only reason I even considered this is because I know if it’s extremely difficult it will only be a few weeks XD

      • Aww bless she’ll get there with yous in no time, she just needed someone patient to wait her out and let her go at her own pace instead of forcing her to interact. Haha still yous are lovely for even taking her on just for those few weeks, I read your update there now and so glad she’s doing better can’t wait to see what other magic you can accomplish with her πŸ™‚

      • Yes, it seems she has been used to force her entire life, and this is the result 😦 Lots of collar grabs, dragging her, swatting and shouting at her when she misbehaves etc. Poor love, we’re seeing small areas of progress but it’s all very heartbreaking. Every time she chooses to sleep next to me, touching me, I almost cry. Any form of acknowledging her makes her extremely scared; she’s VERY good at sending signals to let us know what is too much (zero aggression). Bless her.

    • I agree. From what the lady’s sister was saying Pixie was already very fearful as a puppy (which is always a bad sign and means you need to put so much more effort into socialisation) and when they didn’t do that, she is now extremely fearful. On top of that she hasn’t been treated nicely, or as gently as she needs 😦

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