31*C and melting

I’m seriously serious, this weather needs to get lost!

Today has been unbearable.

I’m glad we don’t have any outdoor pets, I’d be seriously worried about them in this heat.

I know someone who has outdoor rabbits and she’s having to try so hard to keep her buns cool, with several water bottles and bowls. I told her she could fill a plasti bottle and freeze it to help cool them. Luckily for us it is somewhat cooler indoors, and out of the direct sun, so we don’t have to worry too much.

It’s been far too warm for me inside. We have three windows open and all the curtains drawn, yet we’re still melting.

I hopped into the shower and turned the water on cold, and used the time to not only cool down but wash some clothes as well. We still haven’t bought a washing machine after our last one died due to Storm Desmond, and I’m so used to washing everything by hand now.

The kittens have slept all day today, it’s even too warm for them to play! They’ve slept in various places, but always together 🙂

Here they were yesterday, having fun with Tristan:

Between 3-4pm we took Kasper and Rey for a 20 minute walk each.

It was 30*C outside, but they both refuse to toilet in the garden, so walk them we must.

We kept to grass as the tarmac was scorching, and let them off lead for five minutes before returning home. Kasper dunked himself in the pond and as I was wearing crocs I climbed in beside him XD

I’ve been playing Pokemon Yellow all day, I never played that one as a kid, I had Pokemon Blue. It amuses me that everyone is raving about Pokemon Go, and I’m still playing the original Pokemons XD


4 thoughts on “31*C and melting

  1. Hah I’m with you on the heat, mind you our stupid degus wanted the snugglesafe warming up on Sunday! Not yesteray though. Luckily our flat doesn’t get *too* hot (it was about 24 yesterday in here). With you on Pokemon, I am on Go but I’m also just wasting a ton of time breeding perfect ones on Omega Ruby (I never played the originals other than messing about trying to catch Houndour and Entei on my then bf’s Gold and only got into it myself with Ruby the first time around).

    Tristan is such a gorgeous boy! He looks much more solid coloured in these pictures.

    • Haha no way!! Crazy goos 🙂

      I played Blue and Crystal then didn’t play any for aaaages, I just repeatedly played those hahaha. My bf wants to try out Pokemon Go but our mobiles are too old for it to work – oh the shame!!

      Thanks 😀 Yes, Trist is a real beaty and I love his colouring!

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