Kitten introductions day 2!

Overnight we had Enzo in the cat room, and Pecan stayed downstairs in our bedroom, with us.

This morning we fished both boys out so they could be fed together, and they were together for about an hour afterwards.

Pecan was being a sweetheart as ever, and just ignoring whatever Enzo did to him and trying to get on with his exploring, and Enzo was following him around and pouncing on him.

We’ve noticed Enzo is doing far better at ignoring Pecan today, and disengaging himself. He is less extreme.

When Pecan was using the toilet, eating, and a little when he was playing, Enzo left him alone. There were plenty of times where Enzo was sprawled on his side watching Pecan, albeit with an intense expression ๐Ÿ˜›

Enzo actually played with toys in Pecan’s presence today (whereas yesterday he wouldn’t even look at his toys when I flapped them in his face!), so Enzo was playing with a toy on his own, and Pecan was playing with the flirt pole with me about a foot away

There were a few wrestling and tumbling sessions, but as ever with cats I’m not sure how much is actually play or ‘rawr get out my house!’

There was no hissing or growling, but their ears would go back occasionally. It was pretty slow moving though, and fairly gentle. When I thought it was getting ‘too much’ I’d split them up and they had no problems with that.

Now we have Enzo back in his kitty room, and Pecan has the rest of his house. They can sniff and paw each other through underneath the door, and later today (because we’re going out soon) we’ll put the barrier back so they can actually see each other ๐Ÿ™‚

Pecan has continued to be an amazing cuddle bug – SO CUTE!

The head butts and rubbing against you is just delightful and especially sweet after missing that with Enzo. It’s also really nice as Enzo isn’t wanting as much fuss sinceย we’ve added an intruder to his house ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lots of scent exchanging is happening many times a day, not only from them meeting each other, but from alternating strokes, using the same beds, the same litter trays, even the same food bowls!

This is an exciting process for me, I hope it ends with two best buds!


2 thoughts on “Kitten introductions day 2!

  1. Play-fighting between cats and kittens is normal and to be expected. As long as there is are flat ears, growling and one being more extremely dominate that the other then they should be okay. My Toby is 10 and even now every once in a while he gets too aggressive with Simon.Simon has a certain cry when he’s had too much and needs to be rescued. Have fun with your two babies!!

    • Thanks for this. Something I find interesting is that their ears go flat just for a second (Pecan’s ears will also do this when he playfights with my hand and nibbles my thumb too!) then they go right back to being upright – I’m assuming that’s nothing to be too worried about?!

      There has been absolutely no hissing or growling in the playfights, and Enzo is getting better at disengaging…I think he just gets too wound up and needs help calming down sometimes!!! They’re spending more and more time together, and there’s zero fear or anxiety when they see each other now, they eat side by side no probs!

      I have some footage I’ll hopefully be posting today of them interacting, and as ever would appreciate any insights into it ๐Ÿ™‚

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