Kasper’s nekkid walk!!

Another huuuge off lead hike for Kasper today, this time somewhere he had NEVER been before, and he did great again 🙂

The first field he was off lead in was full of maize or something, and I’m bloody glad we had him off lead as the path was incredibly hard to follow and very treacherous, with dozens of surprisingly deep, well hidden holes…can only imagine how much harder that would have been to traverse with a big dog on the end of a lead! 😀

Yup, that brown speck is Boo!

Once we were past that it was plain sailing, but Boo was already exhausted from all the running back he’d done to check we were managing okay!!


In the top field we had a big long rest and our second water break – Kasper had virtually finished his bottle of water by this point, he drinks an insane amount compared to Rey!

There was plenty of time for cuddles 🙂

And Boo went NEKKID for ten minutes; look, no harness!

Haha those ears 🙂

Then it was back on with the harness and time to continue our adventure!

The huge open field was my favourite as Kasper was doing mad sprinting and it was fun to call him and watch him zoom all the way over to us!



And what would a Kasper post be without a video to show you what an awesome time he had, and how good he was with his recall? There’s also a hilarious clip of him leaping about through maize, and the last clip of him exhausted makes me laugh too 🙂



4 thoughts on “Kasper’s nekkid walk!!

  1. Love this! Such lovely photos of a handsome doggy on a wonderful day (seriously share some of that weather over here, it’s been raining heavy on and off 😦 ) His recall is fantastic, so impressive! I love how he came back to check in with yous after going through the little gate bit into the next field in the video, it was so cute like he was saying cmon guys wait til you see what’s round here 🙂

    • I loooove taking photos of Kasper because he’s literally the most beautiful dog ever XD I’ve always thought he was bloody beautiful and that I was so lucky to end up with such a gorgeous dog…I guess all his behavioural issues balanced out the beautiy hahaha!

      You are welcome to our weather – far too warm for us and because our house is like a weird greenhouse, every night at about 8pm onwards it gets unbearably hot -__-

      Thanks! The checking in thing he has only started to do very recently, after I started rewarding him every time he did m contact on lead…no idea where the good recall came from though haha, we haven’t been doing masses of recall work the past year or so, but he’s a gem! 🙂

      Thanks ^__^

    • I love watching Kasper off lead, he just oozes happiness 🙂 Thanks! Thought we might as well enjoy these fields before the corn grows in or any livestock are brought into them 😀

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