We visited Pecan & co!

Today we went to visit Pecan, and we got to go in the room where him, his mum, and siblings live!

All the kittens came out to play, and it was a kitten explosion!!

It was also REALLY awesome to meet Pecan’s mum; I have NEVER met a cat as sweet as her 🙂

Oh also when we phoned the vets this morning, to ask if we could go see Pecan, we got told some really exciting news – they got Pean’s DOB wrong last time we were there, and he’s actually old enough to come home this Friday! 😀

Be warned, this post is going to be insanely photo heavy 😉


This is Pecan’s mummy, who came in as a heavily pregnant stray ❤

It was a litter of seven so it was pretty awesome just watching kittens hurtle around the room and occasionally leap on and off you!


Which one is Pecan?!

It was kitten craziness!

There he is, by the silver bin!

Pecan is the kitten in the tunnel 😀

There were two kittens with orange bands on their necks; one was the lighter tabby we almost chose, and the other was our Pecan – Pecan on the left here! 🙂

It was heartwarming to see Pecan with his brothers and sisters, as he was easily the most playful with the other kittens out of them all…I hope this carries across to Enzo!

Here are some photos of his siblings:


This little girl I ADORED!! ❤

Mum really was the sweetest cat ❤


And here she is with Pecan, he seemed to be a mummy’s boy!


And all these other photos are of Enzo’s soon-to-be brother, Pecan!

Pecan on the right; that’s the blanket we left with them, so it will smell of mum when he comes home.

Pecan by the foot!

Pecan closest to the camera

Pecan inspected me a lot!

❤ ❤  ❤

We were there for 50 minutes, and had the time of our lives XD



2 thoughts on “We visited Pecan & co!

    • Thank you – we think he’s pretty darn cute 😀 Yes!! He has little white toes like his mumma; out of all the kitties he looks most like mum so that’s lovely ^__^

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