The boys rock it

Kasper and Rey had great walks yesterday evening, and were both amazing!

Raiden was fabulous because our friend was with us, and after being in his crate for a full five hours, he was full of energy as it was, then seeing our friend got him very excited.

After a super giddy greeting though, Rey walked like a champ! We rewarded him for lots of eye contact with us to begin with, so he wasn’t tempted to go to our friend or jump up at him, and within minutes Rey was walking calmly as ever 🙂

Ahead of us a reactive Staffy (with an a-hole for an owner) came from a side street, about 12 foot ahead.

Rey began pulling on lead and wagging at the dog, so I did a positive interrupter and he came to me, I asked him to sit, then he was able to go back and do engage-disengage. Carried on with no problems.

In the next field we let Rey off lead, and even with our friend present he was wonderful!

Alongside showing zero interest in our friend other than a wag (in case he had treats!!) Rey paid him no interest, and he even did great with his training – sit, stay, touch and settle (lie with chin on ground) 😀

Yay Rey ^__^


Rey with wrestler Rey Mysterio who I based his name on!!

Onto Kasper; Kasper is fine with strangers now (even men) when we introduce them properly, so as usual he was great meeting our friend.

We walked through the first few fields with him on lead, then slipped through (/over) a gate into the field we call slug hill, and I decided to let him off lead.

He has never been off lead in this field before, and through two gates he could see cows close by, but I was very confident in his recall and responsiveness. I had no fear about having him off lead with cows in view; sheep, and I would never have done it, but cows caused no concerns.

We walked all around the field and Kasper was stretching his legs and bounding about joyfully – I’ve never seen him so happy! He checked in often (something he doesn’t normally do), didn’t stray far, and came every time I called at top speed!

As we looped back across the large field to the gate we stopped to do some training.We did a distance stay, beg, leave it and touch. We both had so much fun!

I was able to leave Kasper off lead right up to the gate – knowing your dog so well is incredibly helpful sometimes – and when I called him he turned on a dime.

Seriously, when did his recall get this good?! I really wished I’d had my camera on that walk >__<

Two fantastically fun walks with my little super stars ❤

Tonight I went out to meet my partner and Rey on a walk, and I could just make out my partner in the dark so I told him to drop Rey’s lead.

I called him and he rocketed over, lead trailing  behind as we were on a very very quiet path where cars can come. Rey was so giddy to find me unexpectedly, it was adorable!

Also today for the first time the boys tried the Billy No Mates herbal, natural flea and tick protector:


This powder STINKS!

But the weird thing is Rey (who normally turns his nose up at anything that isn’t meaty or certain vegetables) was eating the powder out the tub!! Yet he claims to be picky, and wouldn’t eat his food the first few times we added salmon oil or the natural wormer!

Afterwards it was all stuck in his beard hahaha 🙂


And finally, here’s my partner being adorable and encouraging Rey to file his own nails 🙂



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