A Rey day!

At one year old, Raiden finally has stamina; this means that we can finally, finally, take him on big walks; oh the joy!

For months and months and months we couldn’t do walks that were longer than 30-40 minutes and, if they were mostly off lead, we had to keep them shorter than half an hour or Raiden would need to be carried home.

Now he’s an adult, (Raiden claims) he could walk for miles!

Today we took him on a walk that we have only ever walked him on, and only once before. The walk actually takes you through a field full of corn, and with Kasper and Zoey we always worried they would wolf a cob down (corn cobs are incredibly dangerous to dogs).

With Raiden we’re confident we could get most things off him no problem, so it’s a very Raiden friendly walk 😀

Here he is very calmly walking past a group of people and a noisy child; he didn’t even glance at them! So different from the puppy I’m used to ^__^

At the first open field, Raiden had chance to go off lead, and explore the new environment.

Also, check this out – A SUCCESSFUL OFF LEAD STAY!!

Also on this walk he held a stay for about 45 seconds right by a busy road, as we waited for cars to clear. Yessss! Remember when I never thought any stay would be possible with this dog, let alone an off lead one or one that was longer than two seconds?! 😀

After a few minutes  off lead pootling a hiker appeared, so we popped Rey on his lead, then a second walker appeared, and then a couple with a dog!

The Cocker Spaniel was on a flexi lead and started bounding and pulling when it saw Rey, constantly stopping and staring and wanting to come over. Raiden did the same thing for maybe two seconds, then began disengaging all by himself!

He would watch the Cocker for a few seconds, disengage and move forwards, then watch for a few seconds, and repeat – it was awesome!

I couldn’t get any photos at the time (dog management mode!) but you can see the dog in the background here and Rey is doing a far away disengage 🙂

He stayed on lead for about five minutes as we navigated the footpath, then was able to go off lead in the next field too.

This one was full of something growing – corn, maize? We all stuck to the footpath and Rey was very happy to stick to the rear and follow in our footsteps 🙂


I know he’s on lead here but it’s the only photo of the grain I got!

At one point as we were walking along I saw a flash of red, and upon closer inspection it was a ladybird.

I decided to stop and try get a semi-decent photo of it…

…and oh, who is that I see just to the left, demanding a photo too?! XD

Haha, such a cutie 🙂

We followed the path all along the field, then opened the gate and entered a second field, still with Rey off lead. He loved this field because it stank of manure…yum!!

Heading closer to the sea!

At this point it was time to put Rey back on lead, as the next field was smaller and lead to a busy road.

This is the worst part of the walk as cars fly down this road and there are no pavements. To your right there’s a path behind some shrubs, but farmers have it fenced off (yep, even though it’s just a path!)…I think next time we’ll just climb the fence and avoid almost getting hit by speeding cars!

Once we were back on a quiet pavement it was time for a water break…


…and then after another few minutes’ walking we were on a quiet lane where there weren’t any cars.

Oh, wait a minute.

Some absolute moron ignored the no cars sign and drove down a single lane public footpath that leads to a wooden bridge so narrow even motorbikes can’t cross it!!!

This was the idiotic driver as they had to manage to turn and drive back past us XD


A little more engage-disengage with another dog!


And we were home!

What an awesome walk, look at that smile 🙂



2 thoughts on “A Rey day!

  1. Well done Rey, he’s seriously going from strength to strength! Dog disengaging and stays!! 😀 Also how adorable is he posing beside the ladybird, what a little character! Also yay long walks with him! That’s so foreign to me since we got Bonnie when she was mostly full grown, but I seriously have puppy fever at the minute even though I know it’s not the right time for us!

    • Thank you!! He really is doing SO well at the moment, we did another walk with Rey and our friend tonight and Rey rocked it, even off lead 🙂

      At 9 months old Kasper needed 4 hours of off lead exercise a day, so I always thought once Rey hit about 8 months he’d need a good few hours off lead…I mean, he’s a Terrier!

      But no, he was one before we could do any decent sized walks with him XD

      Ah puppy fever, such a dangerous thing!!

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