Exciting day for all

Today my parents drove up because we were all going to an agricultural show.

I didn’t take my camera, so no cute animal pics (boooo!) but we all had a really awesome time, which was cool because my parents aren’t really animaly people.

There was a poultry tent, which is always fun trying to guess which breeds the chickens are (Thurungian or Faverolle?!). My dad keeps chickens so he obviously enjoyed that.

One of our favourite tents was a tent full of children’s artwork; some were hilarious, some cute and some amazing. It was actually really fun to look around!

There were sheep, cows, a dog show (and lots of dogs just wandering with their owners), food stalls and a few pet stalls.

We all tried out these awesome inflatable banana-shaped chairs that either three people could sit on or one person could lie on; they were made out of parachute material and insanely comfy, although while my dad and partner chilled on them the marquee behind them uprooted and blew away on top of the cars!!!!

I bought the boys some doggy mini-cupcakes which were adorable; they went down well, in fact Kasper swallowed his whole XD

The most exciting event of the day was piglet racing. The piglets all had different names and were wearing different coloured shirts (!) and they had to run through tunnels and jump over low hurdles!

My favourite thing about it was that there was no force or fear; they ran because a human ran ahead shaking a bucket of feed!

Once the older pigs in bibs had run the race, some much tinier piglets came out and had a go. They were eight weeks old and so sweet ❤

After we drove home my parents drove and had a drink at a nearby pub whilst we walked the boys, then my parents popped in to meet Enzo.

To say Enzo is only just accepting fuss off my partner, he did SO WELL with my parents. He let them get within a foot of him, and he even played when they waved toys about 🙂

A huge thing I love about my parents is that they accept how important our pets are to us, especially our dogs and, now, our cat/s. As I said they’re not big pet people, so I really respect them for this. They always ask after our dogs, and they bought Enzo presents for their first time meeting him!

This is a dangly toy that you hang off door knobs (although Enzo can’t reach it quite yet!) and you can wear it on your wrist too 😀

And they bought him a vibrating hamster toy which very much confused him 🙂

At the show we bought him a kids’ wiggle toy to use as a flirt pole, and guess who loves it?!


Enzo and my partner are doing GREAT these days.

Enzo’s at the stage where he actually wants to go to my partner for fuss, but he’s still a *little* tentative. He does however accept strokes from him, play with him, and today for the very first time Enzo let my partner stroke his cheek and was purring 🙂 ❤

Oh oh, and the other night he fell asleep and was relying on my partner’s foot to prop him up!!

I got my first proper cat scratches last night. I was carrying Enzo up to bed and I guess I got scratched as he jumped to the floor.

I didn’t realise until about half an hour afterwards when I realised my wrist was stinging a little, then as soon as I saw this bloody huge scratch, of course all I could concentrate on was it stinging for the next hour hahahaha.

One last exciting thing!

Today for the first time ever when we left the house this evening, we left Enzo with the whole run of the house other than the kitchen, where the dogs were!

We got back and nothing had been knocked over, there were no accidents, and Enzo was sleeping in his top cat crate, in the green rabbit igloo as usual.

What a star 🙂

Finally, message from fuzzy lump himself:


*edited to add* – I have a question.

If Enzo passes before we bring Pecan home, does that make me a failure? This is something I have been worrying about a lot.

Should I have rushed to any and all cat breeders, and bought any cat that is old enough to come home? Or was it right to go the rescue route, and to reserve a cat with a sweet personality, and wait a few weeks? What if Enzo dies just a few days before Pecan comes home, and I missed it by so little time? What if he’d have loved a brother?

This is a big big worry for me at the moment, and I’m trying so hard to bury it and live in the now, not the future.


3 thoughts on “Exciting day for all

  1. How long Enzo lives is really not up to you so you can take that burden off your shoulders. His medical issue is likely genetic and as long as he has love and shelter and food there’s not really much more you can do. Try and let the worries go – its a moment by moment sort of thing. When you realize you’re worrying try to think of something lovely (such as your animals). Sometimes you have to trust the unknowable. Sorry, don’t mean to preach! Give Enzo a great big hug!!!!

    • This was such an awesome, and *really* helpful, comment. Thanks.

      I’m terrible for worrying about everything anyway, but Enzo’s condition has taken it off the chart. Sometimes I do really well at just loving him and accepting the unknown; other times I fret and blame myself for everything.

      He’s such a loving little sod. He had his first night where he had full run of the house last night, and I woke up this morning to him snuggled up to my feet!! I’ll give him a hug from you, and thank you again 😀

  2. Cats are usually very happy as solitary animals (they’re very territorial generally) so he really won’t be bothered if he does ‘miss out’ on a brother. They can of course absolutely love having the extra company so no, you did the right thing. It’s always a good thing to have a rescue animal; why give someone profit (even a respectable someone rather than a backyard breeder) when you can help out some little critter down on their luck? 🙂

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