Two cats are better than one?

From most everything I’ve read, two kittens are better than one, if you can handle two.

When we collected Enzo I was adamant that I wanted one cat, just one. Then we found out about his condition, and wanted to get him another kitten who could be with him 24/7 – for play, comfort and companionship.

The first person I spoke with about this was our vet surgery, firstly to make sure they though a second kitten would be okay for Enzo, and secondly because they actually had kittens from a pregnant stray that was brought in.

The second place I contacted was Cats Protection (a UK cat charity), and asked for any advice they could offer. I apologised and said I didn’t know if they offered advice, but I’d sure appreciate it!! I explained about Enzo’s health, the uncertainty about neutering him, and asked their opinion.

Their response was a huge relief πŸ™‚

Keep your cat as happy as possible and a friend may be good for him,as to his neutering as he is not old enough anyway yet I would play it by ear,he may gain strength as he gets better and his heart may calm down and then he could be neutered.Male neutering is quick and he would only need to be under a short while.good luck just enjoy him and find him a friend boy may be better.

Which is good as the kitten we are most interested in is a boy! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow we are off to look at Enzo’s potential brother. He is utterly adorable, and is currently 7.5 weeks old; we’d bring him home around 10 weeks old, and his name will most likely be Pecan!

And, because I am a HUGE sadd0 (at least I am aware of it!), I bought the bro’s matching collars and matching-ish food bowls…the grey is for Enzo as he is dark grey, and the blue and white is for Pecan as, if we choose this particular kitten, he is mainly white!

The collars will only be used for vet visits or time outside (for the tags), but they’re cute nonetheless!

And here’s Enzo playing with a new toy we bought today (only Β£1.99!) and his beloved tunnel πŸ˜‰


Possibly the best pet toy I’ve ever bought, he LOVES this!

Also, if you missed the previous post, check it out for cat training footage!


4 thoughts on “Two cats are better than one?

  1. A second kitten is a great idea! I’ve never had just one cat. Cats live in colonies when feral – so the idea of only ever having one seems to me to be cruel – especially when their only companion – a human – is gone most of the day. I can’t wait to see photos of Pecan!!

    • Very interesting, and thank you! Growing up I always thought cats preferred living alone – I thought they could live very happily with other cats, especially if they were together from when they were young, but I thought in general they preferred to be only cats. I think all that was based on a friend I had as a teenager who had half a dozen indoor cats, only a few neutered, and kept them all locked in separate rooms with zero stimulation because when they were together they fought. Obviously not a good set up AT ALL though looking back πŸ˜‰

      Really hope Enzo takes to a new baby brother…finding myself worrying about what if Pecan ends up being left alone now though!! I’m so terrible for worrying about things that *might* happen in the future XD

      I can’t wait to share pics of Pecan! I will do so tomorrow hopefully once we know he is ours πŸ™‚

      • One of my favorite quotes – I don’t know where it came from – is to “Never borrow trouble from tomorrow.” The future will be here soon enough and if you spend too much time worrying about what might happen you’ll forget to enjoy today!

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