Clicker training a kitten!

I’ve been clicker training Enzo for about a week now, and we finally have some progress to share 🙂

We’re primarily working on recall, touch, putting front paws on my leg, and beg. We’ve only been working on beg since yesterday, but he’s catching on!

Enzo is a lively 13 week old kitten and, being my first cat, I just have to try and train him 😉

Now the video is just a selection of really short clips, and there is a reason for this…reason being cats are apparently incredibly slow eaters (or is just mine?!) so if I did one continues clip there would be about 60 minutes of a cat delicately eating wet food!!

He’s a superstar, regardless of his health condition!

Enzo had another achievement today when he managed to post a status on my facebook.

Facebook was open as Enzo came and settled on my laptop (one of his all time favourite places to settle, and of course I never ever move him!), then his shuffling and padding as I fussed him typed out a very important message, which he just had to share with my friends 😀

I was on a video call with my parents tonight and Enzo had them in hysterics charging all around the room. They thought it was particularly funny how he would dive into the tunnel, and it would roll about like crazy!

We’ve been supposed to let Enzo explore the rest of the house today and yesterday (not the kitchen where the dogs are obviously!) but we haven’t gotten around to it.

Tomorrow will be the day; Enzo can explore to his heart’s content and will be reunited with his chinchilla sisters again!


2 thoughts on “Clicker training a kitten!

    • You know clicker training a cat has been waaay faster than I expected, it hasn’t actually been that different to training a puppy – only a kitten is calmer and slower, so you don’t have to worry about missing the moment as a puppy hurtles around the room XD

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