Enzo is poorly :'(

It feels terrible to write this after the last post, but I need to write it out.

Ever since we brought Enzo home, I noticed his breathing was harder than I thought a kitten’s should be, but I’d never had a cat before so didn’t think too much of it, and the vet who gave him the once over said it could be a stress reaction.

A few days ago I noticed his tummy looked odd, but again I thought it was just a kitten thing and I was used to puppies.

The more he has snuggled with me and the more he has slept on his back, the more concerned I have become. Something is very wrong with his tummy/rib area and, as I still wasn’t happy with his quick breathing, I did some research.

There are basically two possibilities: one is a genetic disorder that affects very young kittens, and they can grow out of it and are almost always fully recovered by 12 weeks of old (Enzo is 13). Rarely it can take up to six months to go.

The other option is far worse; it’s a genetic disorder where the ribs are deformed and crush the organs, including the lungs. Normally this results in a need for an x-ray, operation, and recovery time in a splint 😥

The prognosis varies but this disorder can severely shorten a cat’s lifespan, and serious issues with the lungs usually accompany it.

Needless to say I am extremely scared. Myself and partner have both been crying and we…we’re terrified.

We’re phoning the vets tomorrow and (hopefully) we’ll be able to get an appt with our good vet 😥


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