Greedy dog, cute kitten

First I’d like to tell you a little story involving Kasper 😛

As we were asleep in bed, Kasper decided to do some exploring. When we fell asleep, he was curled on the bed between us. When my partner woke up, Kasper had barged the baby gate open, squeezed past it, and was upstairs eating everything he could get his paws on!!!

My partner rushed upstairs.

Kasper had polished off a (very large) pack of sliced cooked meat for the dogs, from the mini fridge which he had opened. He’d also managed to pry the lid open on the kibble bin, and had eaten an unholy amount of kibble.

My partner managed to get Kasper downstairs with no resource guarding (I’m still amazed about that!) and Kasper immediately came and lay on top of my legs, waking me up.

My partner told me what had happened and just as he finished Kasper began retching – yes, on top of me.

He wasn’t sick, but he retched again (well not retching, that rhythmic noise dogs seem to make before puking) and wasn’t sick a second time. By this point my partner’s on the phone to the emergency vet.

The vet said that given Kasper’s size he would hopefully be okay (apparently it’s hard for bigger dogs to eat themselves to death when the food isn’t toxic) – she said if Kasper was smaller he would most likely have died without emergency treatment.

She also said not to worry if he vomited, but if he drooled uncontrollably, couldn’t move, or his stomach felt odd, it was an emergency situation.

Thankfully Kasper lay down and slept.

He did a lot of poops the next day (haha) and the truly annoying thing was that on his walk the next morning he was scrabbling and lunging at ONE CHIP someone had dropped on the floor, and some really old horse poo that was crushed into the road.

Like, have you not eaten enough?! XD

So there you go, an example of how truly greedy Kasper is. I don’t think most people (my family especially) realise how hard it is to manage him, or the lengths he will go to for food, and the fact that he really would eat a dangerous amount.

I mean, we’re just lucky we hadn’t left any chocolate or anything about, because obviously we weren’t expecting a dog to go up there!

Secondly, look which kittycat used the box shelf 😀

Yay 🙂

I ordered another bulk buy of wet cat food in from Zooplus today, so I got Enzo some new toys also. A tunnel, a play cube, and then lots of little toys that he can bat about too. Oh, and I bought his first harness!!

(obviously not my image)

He’s finally started regularly climbing to the top of the tallest cat tree, and he loves just chilling and watching the chin girls…last night him and Bandoose were trying to reach each other, it was too cute!

And we need some more sandpaper in for the scratch board again!

Here’s Raiden’s ‘artwork’ after just 3 days’ worth of scratching 😀


I took my camera on Rey’s walk this morning and got some pretty good photos, which I’ll post later. Here’s a little taster for you 😉


I may have just exploded at the cuteness…


9 thoughts on “Greedy dog, cute kitten

  1. Awww he’s so adorable!! Sorry to hear about Kasper, having food thieves is hard, although Laufey isn’t that bad (or at least he’s never managed it so far; touch wood) it really worries me because of the amount of food kids drop around here. Where did you get the cubes for Enzo from, I’ve been considering various ideas for ours but never managed to settle on anything?

    • Thanks 🙂

      Kasper’s always been a massive, MASSIVE pain, but recently it’s just really getting to me and I’m not sure why – maybe because we’re actually trying so hard to keep everything out of reach, yet he *always* finds a way?!

      And then there’s the issue that he resource guards, and although it’s generally not an issue, if I lose my patience or if he’s found something great and I *need* to get it off him, it’ll rear it’s ugly head.

      It’s like he just obsesses how to get things off shelves or reach things high up when he’s out – we can play with him, give him frozen Kongs, puzzle feeders etc and keep him busy for an hour, and for 20-45 minutes after that all he’ll do is try and find items within reach, before finally setlling.

      Exercise doesn’t make a difference, mental stimulation doesn’t…the only thing we’ve found helps is put a longline on him, constantly redirect him, and just keep him away from everything until he finally admits he’s tired…and then he’ll literally sleep for hours!!

      Oh, the cube I found was from Zooplus. I was going to get one from ebay but it was £4.50 for just the cube, then on Zooplus there was a cube and tunnel for only slightly more 🙂

      • Ooo I’ll check the cube out thanks 😀

        Yeah, probably because you’re trying that it’s frustrating. I imagine it must be really really difficult, Laufey is nowhere near that bad but when I’m really tired everything his does drives me up the wall (I don’t cope well with little sleep!) so some days it feels like he just wants to make himself as poorly as possible 😦

      • Haha I am the same. If I’m tired or my mood’s really low, I just can’t deal with the dogs when they’re being pains, and then I feel really bad for leaving my partner to deal with them misbehaving! I think the other reason why Kasper annoys me more is because Raiden constantly oozes happiness and love, whereas with Kasper he doesn’t show any appreciation…his personality is just not as cute or loving as most, so when he’s constantly acting up I get more frustrated.

        Our cube should be arriving in a few days, so I can let you know how it seems when it’s here if you want 🙂

      • Ahhh bless him, my issue with Laufey is the complete opposite – he’s like velcro to the point that I’m always tripping over him and it really makes my blood boil when I’m tried and he’s all over me being happy and bouncy and then I get annoyed at me for being annoyed at him which makes it worse – it’s why Wednesday afternoons became a weekly nap slot.
        Oooo please! Loki will probably just hog it then Luna can’t use it but that seems to be a common theme for us

      • Oh I hate snapping at a dog and feeling guilty and annoyed at yourself afterwards. Kasper’s kind of an on-off velcro dog, and he has this awful habit of climbing all over me…he’s about 22kg and really clumsy, and I just don’t appreciate it. I’ll be in bed, almost asleep, and he’ll lummox over and crush me XD

        I found some really awesome cat toys recently where you can arrange them yourselves. They’re too expensive for us to buy right now (you can buy different sized kits so the price varies, and attach them all together). I don’t know if you’ve seen them…let me try dig them out though, they look so cool!

        Found it! The smallest kit is £16.99, but it looks awesome massive 😀

      • It really is an awful feeling isn’t it! Thankfully Laufey’s only 9kg but likes to be as close as possible – I’m convinced he’s trying to break the laws of nature and actually meld into me!
        Oh wow they’re brilliant!! I’d want the huge one but we have absolutely nowhere to put it, I could barely fit another cat tree in let alone something that big

      • Hahahaha, “I’m convinced he’s trying to break the laws of nature and actually meld into me”, so perfect XD

        I really want to fill our ‘cat room’ with them, seeing as it’s basically our spare room anyway…just give Enzo the most incredible climbing space ever haha. But no, I’ll stick with the cube and tunnel for now 😉

      • Seriously – if he could get any closer to me he will fit in the smallest spots just to make sure he’s as close as possible 😀
        There’s not enough rooms in our house to have rooms for all our pets, there’s not exactly enough rooms for us before the pets! Thankfully they all get on well but we’re just about fit to burst now! I’d love to add more spaces for the cats to climb but they don’t seem to use most of the high spots they already have

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