A ‘break in the rain’ photography

Really weird weather the past week.

After almost a month straight of dry, hot weather, this past week has been a toss up between solid days of torrential rain, or hour-long periods of sun interspersed with storms and, you guessed it, torrential rain!!

Today we headed out with Raiden as it was dry but cloudy.

By the time we hit the marshlands that sun wasn’t half shining though!

We were walking to the beach, but it wasn’t meant to be – someone playing fetch with a reactive dog right by the road, and someone else with a dog we recognise (aggressive) tearing about all over the beach, coming towards us.

So we pretty much looped onto the beach for 10 minutes, then dodged the dog and came off.

The entire time there were 6 dogs on the other side of the water, mostly Collies and a few Labs. They were allowed to race around barking (at each other, at Rey, and at the sheep), and Raiden ROCKED!

He got ever so slightly excited upon first seeing them (which was unfortunately when we were closest) but all he did was pull a little on lead. After that it was easy LAT and engage-disengage 🙂


Furthest point from them so I snuck a photo!

We were still out a good 45 minutes so it was a nice walk regardless, and I did get chance to get some pretty good photos 🙂


I honestly do think Rey is the cutest dog in the entire world. I think he could melt anybody’s heart, even if they hated dogs XD


And extra, dog-free pics 🙂




3 thoughts on “A ‘break in the rain’ photography

    • It’s annoying because you never know what to wear out for dog walks – wear shorts and a t-shirt and you know it’s going to bucket it down and you’ll come back frozen, take a jumper / waterproof and you’ll be melting in 20*C sun the entire walk XD

      Our town is having a carnival tomorrow and it’s forecast heavy rain from 6am-7pm…not sure they’ll have quite the turnout they were hoping for!

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