These are the sorts of dogs we see

Just had a bit of a nightmare walk; luckily Raiden handled it like a star.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will know that when Raiden was young he wasn’t socialised very well with other dogs, and as a result he gets over-excited (and vocal!) around them.

There are two reasons for this:

1. There are no puppy classes in our area where the puppies are allowed to interact with each other, at all. We didn’t need help with the training side of things, we needed Rey to meet other dogs!!

The puppy parties at vets were truly disastrous (see here!) and almost all the dogs we saw in our area were NOT suitable to see a puppy – either fearful, reactive, or outright aggressive.

2. When Zoey was ill Raiden pretty much missed out on two entire months of socialisation possibilities, from the age of 4-6 months old.

So, at a year old, he is excitable and can yap around other dogs when he gets too close and too excited. He can remain calm when walking past a dog when the dog is as close as 6ft away, and we do let him say hi to appropriate dogs…but there’s still a lot of training, redirection, and patience involved.

To show you how good he does though, I don’t remember the last time he yapped or got over-excited when seeing a dog, and if there’s an obnoxious off lead dog and we’re having to carry Rey, he rocks at keeping calm.

(cute pics, just ‘cos!)


Well. Today all that was very much tested.

We were walking through a field and managed to avoid twelve small dogs playing off lead together – extremely vocal, rough and tumble, and they were also off lead in a field that had sheep and horses in it.

We got to the end of the field avoiding them, and Raiden did some fantastic engage-disengage with horses, sheep, and all the dogs playing.

Here he is calmly watching them, they are at the edge of the field, level towards the houses:

We prepared to go into the next field, when we saw it was FULL of not only sheep, but mother cows with some very young looking calves too. We thought it better not to risk passing through and upsetting them, so turned to head back the way we had come – the twelve dogs were moving to the opposite exit anyway.

We walked slowly back through, giving them plenty of time to sod off, and I got Raiden to pose next to the stick of tyres that scared him when he was a baby!!


Anyway, the owners and group of dogs stood by the gate for about ten minutes as we just did training with Rey, then began coming back towards us – uuuuugh!

We began immediately looping to the left to increase the distance between us and them. We got to about 200ft from them, but then a horse started running to us, so we made the decision to pick Rey up and walk a little closer to the group of dogs – about 160ft from them still.

What do you know, the dogs began running over…at first it was just a few, but soon it was all of them.

They all circled us, yapping and barking. They jumped up, scrabbled at our legs, and even nipped at our ankles. We could hardly walk for them.

After about 30 seconds of their owners (still 160ft away) making zero effort to get their dogs, I yelled “GET YOUR DOGS PLEASE!” and we continued towards the gate, being bitten and jumped on, and constantly praising Raiden and feeding him treats.

Here you can see video footage of the dogs surrounding us, being vocal, and towards the end (after 3 minutes of doing this) the owners came and tried to get their dogs. Only they couldn’t.

They yelled at the dogs, grabbed at them (one of the dogs snapped at the owner!) and just could not get them at all. Here it is:

These are the types of dogs we meet. These are the things our dogs are put through, and that makes walks incredibly difficult.

It is extremely hard to socialise puppies, as the vast, vast majority of dogs we see are untrained, have bad manners, or are aggressive. We don’t know anybody who has a well socialised stable dog, and so we do the best we can with what we have.

If your dog runs up to people off lead, and actually jumps up at them – they should not be off lead unless their recall is very good.

If your dog is vocal, circles people, or bites at them – you do not let them off lead unless you are 99% certain they will come when you call them.

You shouldn’t let your dog run up to another dog without checking that’s okay.

You most certainly shouldn’t let your dog run up to someone who has picked their dog up, where your dog persists in circling and jumping at them. This is not fair on the owner or the dog they are carrying – there’s a reason they are being carried, be it over-excitement, aggression, or illness.

You should NEVER let a dozen dogs off lead together when NONE of them have recall.

I mean come on, is this not common sense?!?!

Thankfully, as I said at the start, Raiden handled it brilliantly. No squirming, yapping, or screaming, just some very minimal quiet whining. Pretty much emptied all our treats on that though 😉

Also, my partner got told earlier today to ring 111 back and ask to speak to a GP via them, so they could give us detailed advice. He just called 111 and told the assessor about how I felt panicked; she made me do lots of stupid things (eg. hold my arms in the air for 10 seconds?!) and then said she was sending an ambulance out to take me to A&E.

Like, what the actual fuck?!

My partner brilliantly explained that crap appts and our experience at A&E greatly added to my panic, and that it would be absolutely the wrong thing to do. He argued her down very firmly, and now a nurse is going to call him back.

I am already done with trying to get help from the NHS again…



12 thoughts on “These are the sorts of dogs we see

    • Bad dog owners indeed 😛 We were super impressed with Raiden though, he seems to be an awesome streak at the moment XD

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  2. I only managed the first 30 seconds of the video before it was annoying me too much. My offer with Laufey stands indefinitely and I’m passing your way into the Lake District for a competition in August if you want to co-ordinate something if you feel up to it 🙂

    • It was absolutely disgusting, I mean how can you think having 12 dogs off lead when they have no recall is acceptable?!

      Awww thank you 🙂 Tbh he’s doing loooaaads better, not just with walking calmly past other dogs (still needs work obviously, eg. if they’re close by and barking he gets excited) but greeting them too he’s better at coming away and calming right down – yay for maturing XD

      We’re at the point now where if an off lead dog runs up to us we just drop Rey’s lead…if people don’t want Rey playing with their dog then they shouldn’t let their dogs run up to us. I’m not just going to let their dogs constantly wind Rey up and get him into a state. I’d much rather work on calmness when the other dogs are under control, but if they’re off lead drop Rey and save us all frustration!

      I’m just waiting for someone to have a go at us for dropping the lead (Rey is a vocal player and when he’s chasing a dog he barks and barks 😛 ), in which case I’ll happily tell them their dog shouldn’t be bothering mine when he was on lead XD

      • People do and then just don’t see the problem. Their stupidity is really something to behold.

        Awww I’m so glad he’s doing well! If Rey doesn’t have an issue with that then no one else should although it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if someone does but we no longer have issue shouting at people anymore 🙂

      • “Their stupidity is really something to behold” – I LOVE that! 🙂

        It really seems that Rey has matured so much in the past few months…like, it’s as if he’s a different dog. Things that would have set him off *screaming* a few months back, he now won’t bat an eye at. It’s crazy. Obviously in a good way though 😀

        We still have a long way to go (he still gets excited when he sees a dog in the distance if both dogs are on lead, because he wants to approach faster) but he’s sooo improved.

      • Ahahah!! Some of the things they do you really couldn’t imagine any human being doing, they really are a species unto themselves.
        I remember that with Laufey, it was really slow going and then all at once, Rey’ll get there and be absolutely amazing. He’s such a gorgeous little man

      • Tell me about it, on our walk the other day there was a postman crossing from the opposite side of the road, and instead of moving literally 4ft to the side and keeping out of our way, this postman literally crossed INTO us, and then just stood staring at Rey?! Like, he didn’t want to interact with Rey at all, but he was just standing there not moving?? Obviously Rey got excited, because this man had appeared as he was sniffing and was standing less than a foot away, but he moved on pretty well with minimal excitement…I guess I just assumed postmen/women would be more careful around dogs *rolls eyes*

        Awww thank you, he’s a little ray of sunshine, he brings us such happiness 🙂

      • O.o that is really brilliant, they’re absolutely terrifying aren’t they!! People cross the road at us when we have MiMi when she’s already reacting to their dog on the other side of the road, on what planet does it make sense to get closer to a dog having a meltdown??
        He really is just utterly adorable

      • We have had that happen too, it’s unreal how stupid people can be…there was a Ridgeback cross on the other side of the road about a week ago, and we had Raiden sitting and were doing engage-disengage. We were clearly doing a lot of training, and this family (2 adults, 2 kids and the dog) stopped and crossed the road level with us, so they would be walking directly into us. As soon as we realised what they were doing we picked Rey up and moved forwards; no point leaving him down to react, but I was fuming!

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