Fish emergency & yay Ray!

Well, today has been eventful!

Firstly, we woke up to find our new (second hand) 124 litre tank was leaking. Badly.

We leak tested it for 24 hours before moving the fish across, and the fish had been in several days…then all of a sudden it was leaking. We noticed a large wet patch on the floor, but thought maybe it was drips from the condensation guard which overlapped the tank a little.

I filled the tank up and drew a few lines of where the water level was, and we watched over the next few hours with no lid on the tank, to see if it lowered.

My god did it lower.

The wet patch grew larger, and became rather sodden. We noticed another wet patch off to the side too.

Just the day before we had seen a smaller fish tank in a local charity shop that they had tested for leaks, and was on sale for £40. Now how lucky was that?? We rushed to the shop and lugged it home, then quickly transferred the water (and fish!) over.

This meant we had a large empty glass tank, just longing for something small and furry to live inside it!! We called our friend who lives in town and was about to drive over anyway, and asked him to visit a nearby pet shop and pick up a dwarf hamster for us 🙂

We’d already called the pet shop, and yes, they had dwarf hammies in stock – how exciting, I haven’t had a dwarf in years!!

Our friend called us at the pet shop and told us what each hamster looked like: standard grey and white, albino, and a really unusual white and blond hamster – guess which we picked?! 😉

Welcome Lemmiwinks!

Isn’t he beatiful?!


He seems very confident too! Here’s his first basic set-up:

And this is his current set-up. He has a few extra toys on the way tomorrow from amazon prime 🙂

Can you spot him in the pic below??

That was exciting, and saves a huge empty tank from wasting space around the house; aaaand, here’s the fish in their new tank!

The large (leaky) tank is 124L and the smaller tank is 90L. I’m kinda sad that the fish are back in a smaller tank, but realistically it’s more than big enough for the tiny fish we have in there, and it does look great 🙂

That was all rather stressful haha. I was so scared racing to the charity shop…if they’d sold the tank I’m not sure what we’d have done!!

Once that was all sorted we went out with our friend for the day. When we came back home my partner and friend took Kasper for a walk whilst I stayed home and meddled with the pets, then when they got back it was time to walk Rey.

I’d said to my partner this morning that I wanted to try walk Rey with our friend, because he has matured so much recently and is doing SO MUCH BETTER with impulse control and calmness.

My partner was understandably nervous because the last time Rey met our friend, who he didn’t know (month and months and months ago), he jumped up at them, nipped them repeatedly in complete over-excitement, and when we lead him away to try reorient him, he *screamed* and pulled at the end of the lead.

We tried to continue for ten minutes, trying to encourage him to walk and keeping a distance from our friend, but he was just totally hyped and just shrieked no matter how far away we took him. We called that it and headed home…

That was when Rey was about 7 months old (remember he missed all training and socialisation between 4-6 months old because of issues with Zoey) and since then he really hasn’t seen anyone. He said a brief (20 seconds) hello indoors to our friend about 2 months ago, but that was it.

The only training we did with him and other people was engage-disengage as they walked past us on the pavement. He was easily at the stage of remaining calm around anybody who passed close by, but we hadn’t done anything with people actually interacting with him.

So. We were all nervous 😀

My partner fetched Rey and we waited, chatting easily.

Raiden was sooo happy and excited to see our friend, and jumped up to say hello and get fuss – all this was fine, we have zero issues with Rey jumping up as he’s so small, and only let him interact with others who don’t mind.

We don’t see jumping up as a problem behaviour so long as the owner doesn’t mind, the dog can be called off or asked to stop from jumping, and the dog can be managed around people who don’t want jumping on!

Kasper, for example, knows he shouldn’t jump up (he’s too big!), and so he doesn’t.

After saying hello for five seconds I called Rey away – he came immediately! – and then we started walking. Our friend was walking right with us, within a few feet of Rey, yet Raiden just carried on walking as calmly and beautifully as normal!!!!

I rewarded him very regularly, but he had no interest in turning back to our friend, jumping up etc, and he certainly wasn’t screaming with excitement 😀

We had a very enjoyable walk, each of us commenting on how bloody amazing this was. Raiden walked normally, completely calmly, the entire time.

Towards the end Rey was getting tired / bored, but instead of jumping up at our friend, he turned a few times, looked at him, then carried on walking!

Little man earnt lots of chicken on that walk, and what an amazing dog he is. I so love when dogs get past that teenager stage hahaha, Raiden is SO improved even after no actual training involving interaction!

Honestly, we REALLY couldn’t believe it. I think our jaws hit the floor!

Totally made my day 🙂


7 thoughts on “Fish emergency & yay Ray!

  1. I can’t believe how much I missed from taking time away from here! What an exciting week its been for yous, Lemmiwinks is so adorable I don’t think I’ve ever seen his colouring before, it’s so unique! Also big congrats to Rey, well done little man he’s such an amazing dog 😀

    • We could not believe Raiden – honestly, for the first half hour of the walk me, my partner and our friend were just walking round with our mouths open!! I thought he was going to do much better than last time, but I didn’t expect him to be perfect XD

      I’ve not seen a dwarf hammy with that colouring either. He seems a sweetheart so far, I love how squat dwarf hamsters look! It’s so fun being able to watch him from across the room too, I love having him in the glass tank – far better than leaving it empty hehehe 😀

      • I love that feeling when you’re just totally gobsmacked and like riding a totally unexpected high! It’s honestly the best when things come together like that 🙂
        Hehe they are little cute balls of fluff haha yes can’t leave a cage or tank empty, we have a thickets cage empty now and I am dying to add to our family but I’m not sure what would be suitable for the cage, what would you recommend for a thickets in terms of species or what it could accomodate? I’m kinda set on if I can find a lone rat that can’t live with others that it would be a suitable size for him/her?

      • Oh yeah, it’s SUCH a good feeling – makes it all worthwhile 🙂

        We had a Syrian hamster in the Thickets with no problems, and it was SO much fun packing the cage with toys!! Handling a nervous rodent is a bit of a pain in that cage (because of the crummy access), and obviously we had to prevent any drops from up high, but she looooved it. I’d also be fairly comfortable keeping a pair of female rats in there, and even male rats, providing they get a good amount of interaction and time out each day. It’s also easy to add an extension to the Thickets; we just cut a hole in the Thickets roof and cable tied a cage on top, ours was a bird cage although we had the wire top of a Furet Plus attached too for a while 😀

        Aside from that you could easily keep a pair of smaller birds in there (eg. finches) but obviously if you wanted something you could handle, rodents would be easier 🙂

      • I haven’t ever had a Syrian hamster before just a russian dwarf I think its called but that was when I was really young and had no clue about how to properly take care of animals so it’s pretty embarrassing to think back on. I think I would really enjoy rats as I would love to do clicker training with them and do the little pea dipping in water and all those fun things with them. We also have a pen so could definitely let them out safely for a while each day or even see about making the pen safe enough to stay in full time – I would worry they would somehow rip up the vinyl flooring we have put over the wooden floor to stop damage as we are renting or ingest the vinyl. I’m so used to how destructive degus are but I think rats in general aren’t as bad because they can be kept in plastic based cages rather than all metal?

      • We’ve all been there – I had a pair of male rats when I was about 8 (one of the best rats I’ve ever had, and from the worst pet shop in the world) and we kept them in a tank that was about 60cm long, it was awful looking back >____<

        The first rats my partner ever had, we found a really good breeder, and these rats tied with my original boys for the best rats ever 🙂 They were sweet, loved interaction, and kissed us constantly. They were more active than most male rats, and we just used to let them have run of our spare room unsupervised for several hours a day. When we called them they would come running, but I never did much in the way of formal training with them. They did love pea fishing XD

        And of course we have the rescue rats now. I'm not expecting to ever get anywhere near them, but they haven't bitten me so that's good 🙂

        I know some people have rats that are destructive, or have chewed out of cages with plastic bases, but I've honestly never had that problem and from what I understand it's very very rare. The closest thing I've had to destruction was when I left the female rats playing on my grandma's couch for several hours, and they chewed all the cushions up to use the stuffing as a nest hahahaha!

        Rats are really cool though. They'd be one of my top pets if there were any decent breeders nearby, and if their lifespans weren't so short.

      • Hmm actually I’d have to double check the bar spacing for finches, as I’m remembering the Thickets squares might be a little wide…

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