Art and such

I don’t have much to blog about today (some of you might be thinking that’s no different to usual haha!) so instead I thought I’d share some arty things.

First up some drawings…I love to draw dogs, but I really wish I actually had any talent haha!

Up until I was about 22 I hadn’t drawn since I was a young kid; then all of a sudden I started drawing dogs, always in biro. Rarely I would add splashes of colour…

…but mostly they were just black and white.


They were generally all in the same style.



But some varied a little.


I’ve always wanted to be good at drawing, but that’s as good as I get!

I really, really admire people who can draw though  🙂

For months I had a burst of drawing half a dozen dogs each day, but then I started a new anti-psychotic which gave me chronic akathisia. My legs and arm jittered 24/7 for 2.5 years, meaning that entire time I wasn’t able to draw (or read, or eat with a knife and fork etc).

I didn’t draw for years; I stopped the anti-psychotic about 18 months ago and I still haven’t drawn – in fact I forgot I even used to do it until I found the drawings and took these pics!

Maybe I’ll start again sometime 🙂

Alongside photography I also edit some of the photos I take…not just making them b&w or upping the contrast, but messing with areas of colour too, like this!

So there you go. Boring art blog over with 😉



4 thoughts on “Art and such

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself!!! Your drawings are ADORABLE!!!! You should continue and share them. Art is never boring!!!! Please continue drawing – I can’t say this enough! You have your own style and there’s nothing wrong with that. You are good!!! Don’t discount your own talent!!

    • I think I’ve read this comment ten times already haha, what a boost!! Thank you, thank you – I’m fishing my sketchbook out right now, feeling all inspired to draw, and even though I think my drawing is abysmal I’m excited to give it a bash again 🙂

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