Boo the destroyer!

Kasper has been having a whale of a time getting to be out his crate more.

He’s a real crazy kipper, especially as the last few days he hasn’t been getting very long walks because of a poorly tummy. Alongside his love of walks, food and play (in that order), he LOVES destroying toys.

Here he is with the remains of a teddy bear; see all the limbs strewn about?!

We try to remember and buy in cheap stuffed toys from charity shops regularly – they generally cost about 50p each, which means we don’t mind when they instantly get annihilated.

The smile on his face as he tortures innocent toys is worrying XD

Kasper’s favourite toys are ones that he can ruin. Every soft toy we give him, he immediately knuckles down to tear it to pieces. If, by any luck, we’ve found a toy that is too tough for him to shred, he’ll completely ignore it thereafter.

Raiden tries to follow in Kasper’s footsteps.

He’s not that good a destroyer though; he usually manages to tear the label off, but it’s rare he manages to truly destroy a toy. It has happened, but usually it takes at least a good few hours for him to get into the stuffing.


Kasper the (happy) killer!

Kasper’s also a brutal chewer, and it makes me worry for his teeth.

I know dogs breaking their teeth whilst chewing is rare, but Kasper uses extreme strength sometimes. I’ve never, ever, known a dog that chews like he does.

Most times his chewing isn’t that intense (he’s fine with larger Nylabones for example, but he has seriously little interest in them), however if he has something especially hard or that he’s very excited about, he doesn’t half chomp down…some of the noises are terrifying!

He was doing it the other day with the Buffalo horn, so I took it off him and gave him a pigs’ ear. At least I don’t have to worry too much about his teeth with that…

Here he is with the buffalo horn:

And this was his face after I took the photo – for whatever reason he thought he wasn’t allowed the buffalo horn. Look at that ‘oh shit!’ expression XD


2 thoughts on “Boo the destroyer!

    • There’s a certain amount of pride when he massacres something, yes XD And then we have to get the bits off him before he eats them hahaha!

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