Birthday gifts & stripping!

Raiden finally got to open his birthday gifts today 🙂

I didn’t wrap them properly – just stuck some paper around them and taped it in one place so he could open them easily.

Apparently even that was too hard though and he needed help opening a few of them XD

He was extremely excited about his birthday gifts. Every time we’d tell him he had another one he’d stop whatever he was doing and run to my partner who was getting them off the table haha!

I got a video of him opening the gifts; unfortunately my camera is crap in anything other than blinding sunlight, so it’s not the best:

I’m not sure what his favourite present was.

He really liked the banana toy and he immediately shredded the label off the monkey.

The Kong Quest was probably his least favourite, but that’s to be expected as it wasn’t filled with food!! He surprised both of us by immediately starting to gnaw the Nylabone stick toy, and of course he loved his filled bone too 🙂

**edit** oh I forgot his new bed!!

We bought him a new bed too, for his crate, and he loooves it 😀 **end of edit**

All his gifts kept him busy for about an hour, and then I spent about 20-30 minutes stripping him.

I haven’t been around him enough to do it this past month, and my partner doesn’t really think about doing things like that (plus he was already worried about leaving me too much) – he’ll do things that need doing urgently, but day-to-day stuff he tends to forget, so Raiden was looking rather unkempt for his birthday XD

A before:


And after, this was the mid-point so I’d only done his bum and leg area!!

And then I did right up to the back of his neck – he looks MUCH better now!!


I still need to get his belly, neck and face (not looking forward to that, can’t imagine Rey will be as patient!!) and get some extra bits on his legs / tail too.

All in all though he looks loads better, and most importantly he had a great time opening his gifts 🙂



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