Quick note

It’s Raiden’s birthday today, meaning we left Nyx alone for 30 minutes so that I could walk and see him on his first birthday.

We’ve been doing A LOT of crate work with Nyx, and as ever we put her in her crate with a pigs’ ear, two puzzle feeders, toys, and the TV on loud. She had also had a 30 minute walk with lots of things to explore, training, impulse control, socialisation etc 15 minutes before being left (enough time for her to wind down).

Anyway, we filmed her. Wow, it was 1000x worse than I expected.

It isn’t just normal puppy crying, it’s flat out panic. Certain SA. Alongside the screaming, barking and howling she is extremely restless, stress panting the whole time, licking her lips almost constantly, and clearly very very panicked.

From here I would like to spend all my time with her, to try slowly build up the time she is left, starting with just seconds…but the fact of the matter is I can’t do this.

I’ll continue doing as much positive crate work as possible, and try my best not to leave her…but I have to. Today is Raiden’s birthday and I’m not missing out on memories of that day, and I also have an appt later today that we both need to attend.

We will probably end up leaving Nyx alone three times today for periods of no more than 30 minutes. It has to happen.

I’ll do all I can to help resolve this and keep Nyx as comfortable as possible, alongside lots of training…but I’m feeling more and more like she can’t into this family.

Booking a vet appt in case they have any medication ideas…

Anyway. I’ll post about my wonderful walk with Raiden now in a separate blog, and what our birthday plans are with him 🙂


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