Crate rest: day 10 part 2

3.20pm, Nyx is snuggled next to me on the footstool sleeping, and listening to her relaxation music.

We’ve actually taken her tether off now! We have the room door shut, and our room is quite small (12ft x 10ft?) so she can’t move about too much. She’s enjoying the freedom, and is loving snuggling next to mum again πŸ™‚

4.30pm – Nyxie girl is up, I phoned my partner and asked him to come back early from Raiden’s walk, because I’ve got another migraine and just want to lie in a corner.

5.35pm – my partner’s been playing calmly with Nyx, trying not to get her too wound up (‘cos y’know, that’s my job πŸ˜‰ ), and now she’s chewing her croc next to me on the footstool.

5.45 and Nyx appears to be sleeping again…not sure why but definitely not complaining. I wish I could sleep as easily as she can.

7pm – Nyx has been up about 20 minutes, being an absolute star.

Not only has she been playing nicely and keeping all four paws on the floor, but we also just had her shut in the crate for 10 minutes, and she rocked it.

She chose to settle in the crate rather than the pen, and was quiet and calm whilst I occasionally fed her treats – in fact it wasn’t until afterwards that we realised the Kong I’d given her had rolled and gotten stuck behind the open crate door, so she was in there without a puzzle feeder!!

8pm – Nyx is in full douchebag mode πŸ˜›

We tethered her back up as she was getting zoomy, and now she just needs to settle and sleep. Sometimes settling is the hardest thing for her – she will go rest in her crate for a minute or two and be SO close to sleep, then get up and begin arsing about all over again!

I’ve mainly just been colouring and trying to get rid of this migraine. I’m rendered pretty much useless when I have a migraine, and I get them A LOT 😦

8.15pm and my partner is off out to toilet Kasper. We’re putting Nyx in the crate/pen, which is right next to me, with a chew that will hopefully last her quite a while. I’ll be sporadically throwing her treats, too.

I hope she isn’t too whiny because I don’t think my head can cope…

8.55pm; she’s been in the crate for 45 minutes, and a few minutes ago fell into a deep sleep. This feels like pretty good progress πŸ™‚

When I first put her in and closed the door, I didn’t need to throw treats to her at all, she was too busy with her chew. My partner had said this chew lasted her about 30 minutes, so I thought I’d have some nice chill time…nope, Nyx had finished it in less than 10 minutes!!

For about five minutes she completely ignored the filled Kong she had in there, and instead went from one place to another…sitting by the bars facing me, lying on the cushion in the crate etc.

I threw her treats occasionally, tried to throw them when she wasn’t focusing on me. There was a brief period of consistent whining (less than 15 seconds total).

My partner got back as Nyx had finally taken an interest in the Kong. She was busy doing that about 10 minutes, then had another long stretch of settling in various places but refusing to actually fall asleep. A few sporadic whines, but literally one whine every five minutes or so.

Now she’s spark out, and in about 10 minutes we’ll let her out before she wakes and makes any noise πŸ™‚

9.10pm – let her out, she was awake but just quietly and calmly watching the world go by. Now she’s snuggled next to me, just chilling and observing.

9.25 and fast asleep, bless her.

10.30 and she’s been chilling with her eyes open for about 15 minutes, now she’s gotten up and gone to rest in her crate on the cushion. Perfect timing as I’ll feed and sort the pigs, then we can take her for a short walk and hopefully tire her for bed.

11.20pm – pigs are all done, heading out with Nyx now and then all going to bed.

Hopefully I can sleep of this migraine, and maybe tomorrow will be a pain-free day…


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