Crate rest: day 10 of ?

5.45am – Nyx woke up and was licking me and climbing on me. I’ve got this tactic now where I roll onto my side and smush my face into a cabinet, so her tether can’t reach XD

8.30am – my partner and Noonar are up, so every now and then I get her scrabbling over me or licking my face, and have to turn into the cabinet again.

10.30am – Woke up. Had a crap wake up with Nyx clawing at my face in excitement hahahaha. Her nails are as short as the quicks will allow atm, but they’re so frickin’ sharp I’m constantly covered in scratches and if she gets me after a shower her nails slice through me like a knife through cake XD

11am – playing like a looooon!

For the most part she is playing well. Bit of tug, but mostly she’s just chasing toys and throwing them about. She has had a few times where she has done zoomies, or where she’s dashed to the end of the tether and jerked back…but mostly she’s being okay.

11.20am – just won a toilet battle!!

Four times we took her out and she refused, and on the 5th time after not letting her get more than a few steps away from us in the house, she peed in the garden. YES!

11.45am – Nyx has finally stopped dashing around and trying to do zoomies and lying in her crate on the orange cushion. I’m throwing her pieces of dried fish every 30 seconds or so.

11.50am – she’s actually asleep in her crate with the door open, sprawled across the giant cushion 🙂

12.40pm – Nyx has left her crate, after being in there for over an hour, and is asleep on the floor now. I think we’ll take her for a ‘walk’ soon.

12.55pm, heading out now. It’s raining pretty heavily, but we have Raiden’s (too short!) coat on Nyx so hopefully she’ll manage!


1.30pm – back from our rainy walk 🙂

Nyx was very unsure at first, because of the coat and the medium strength rain, but after some uber-enthusiastic acting from me and lots of treats, she got used to it.

This has been her first ‘walk’ where she has actually walked on the ground from our front door! She walked down through the village, crossed the road, and then we picked her up because there was a gaggle of obnoxious teenagers approaching.

We carried her for about five minutes, then she went down for another five (and did a wee in her coat!), and we carried her home.

Yay for  positive socialisation with weather, coats, loud people, and cyclists 🙂


“I am getting socialised. See how happy I am?”

Also we just spoke to the vets, as they wanted an appt with Nyx on Monday but their phones were down and we couldn’t get through. Anyway, they left an answerphone message, so we called them back.

We only spoke to the receptionist, and my partner basically said: we’re struggling to get to your surgery (it’s not only far away, but there’s no public transport to it either) so if we do need to take Nyxie to a vet, we’d prefer to take her to our local one.

Secondly we don’t think she needs an appointment, given she hasn’t limped in almost a full week now, and we’re confident in our ability to increase her exercise slowly.

We did only speak with a receptionist, but by god was she not happy that we wanted to go elsewhere – lots of “well I suppose you could use a local vet, but it won’t be continuous care with people who have treated her up to this point.”

I understand that, but firstly we literally can’t get to you, and secondly…y’know, we don’t *need* this appt!

Plus I trust the good vet at our local surgery more than staff there, and the journey itself is very stressful for Nyx. I’ve already been saying we’ve noticed a big deplete in her confidence since vet times, so taking her to our local surgery or not going to an appt at all would obviously be better 😉

My partner was very good on the phone, and the good vet we saw is going to call us back.

2pm – been doing some good crate work with Nyx.

Closing the door while she’s in there, then sitting about a foot away and marking and rewarding her. She hasn’t whined at all. At first I rewarded her every 2 seconds, after a minute I’d gone up to just rewarding her every ten seconds.

Then I let her out and gave her some love (but no treats) and next time she went into the crate I shut the door and sat on the furthest edge of the footstool (about 3ft away) and repeated the exercise, then I stood up and moved about 5ft away and did the same again.

She didn’t whine at all throughout any of this, so that was great.

As of right now she is choosing to lie down in the crate with the door open, and I’m throwing her ham every 30-60 seconds.

2.15pm and the good vet just called us back – he really is good!

He was completely different to the receptionist; he had no problem with us going elsewhere (even said he completely understood as it was such a journey to get to them!) and he said with how well Nyx is doing we don’t need to see a vet right away.

He said it’d be a good idea to have a vet look at her before we start taking her on full-size walks (which makes complete sense to us) but otherwise there’s no rush 🙂

3pm– just modified the room so Nyxie has a small area of pen in front of her crate when we leave her.

We had the crate like this until she hurt her leg, but obviously had to get rid of the penned area then as it would give her too much room for movement. She seems to like the addition so far and is just chilling in her crate on the cushion – I’m sure it will all change when we leave her in there XD

I’ll post this now, it’s quite long!


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