Crate rest: day 9 part 2

4.15pm – so after Nyx being disastrous in her crate then suddenly sleeping in there, she woke up and began crying again.

However we had some urgent stuff with our bank we had to sort out, so we left Nyx crying and shut the door on her. We went across the hallway into the other room and shut that door too, so we could hardly hear her crying.

She stropped after about 15 minutes, then was silent for 20. She woke up and screamed briefly, then shut up again, and we let her out after a few minutes silence.

Finally got to the bottom of the money problem, too. Turns out ESA stopped paying us, for no reason, and we should be £900 up now…no wonder we can’t afford anything; vet bills, food, rent. I wish they’d told us, this has been going on for 6 weeks and we didn’t realise, it was only after my partner spoke with the bank about fraud it was revealed.

Still, good to know we will be able to afford things in a few days. Means we can order Raiden’s birthday presents next week too 🙂

5.45pm – after some craaazy playing, Nyx is asleep.

At some points she was playing pretty well; excited but cute. At other times she was way too hyped – she nipped my nose tip at one point and it was one of those injuries that makes your eyes water immediately 😛

She settled in her crate for about 15 minutes, which was nice to see. We put a large cushion in there as she loves snuggling up and resting her head on top of things. She seems to like it so far 😉

Nyx left the crate after a while and is lying on a pillow at my feet now.

6.30pm – Nyx is still sleeping and we have managed to sort things out so we should have some money and be able to afford food soon hahaha.

I’ve been doing a lot of research about crate training whilst my partner’s walking the boys, and here are my thoughts:

1) It’s possible Nyx is being more vocal in her crate because attention barking is something she has been practising A LOT. She has been so wound up due to being severely restricted in her exercise and movement, and attention and frustration barking is something she has begun using.

Although we have tried our very best to never reinforce her noise, it’s possible it could have happened accidentally, or she could have found the act in itself reinforcing.

2) It’s possible she is going through a fear period and so being alone is suddenly more scary. And that by waiting it out, doing more crate games, and adding a calming aid to her food, we might win this out.

3) She is getting little exercise at the moment, so maybe even though she’s tired when we are leaving her, she’s not at the same level of tired she would be if she’d been getting daily walks, training etc etc.

So I’m thinking there are a few things we will be trying:

  • Closing the door to the room every time Nyx is in her crate. Not only to block out noises from the other part of the house, but so that I don’t get as stressed out by her whining – dog whining is probably the most annoying noise to me in the world!
  • Making the noise we leave her with LOUDER. When we are home, there’s almost always noise…I even fall asleep better at night with something on TV. Although we always leave Nyx with the TV on, or relaxation music, we’ll be upping the volume
  • Making sure she NEVER thinks we are reinforcing her for making noise. This means if she makes noise (whether out the crate or in) we turn away and, if she continues, we leave the room
  • All meals are fed in the crate, with the door shut. When we let her out, we take the puzzle feeders from her – in the crate = fun stuff, out the crate = end of fun stuff
  • Alongside this we will be playing crate games with her

We’re going to be leaving her in the crate when we’re in the house as well as when we leave the house. We’ll be leaving her to cry it out, no matter how long it takes. She’ll go away when she’s as tired as possible and has been to the toilet, but we want to be putting her in the crate at least a few times a day.

9pm – off out for a ‘walk’.

Nyx has been playing nicely, if excited, but has got herself extremely worked up, so now we’ll take her for a carry around to reset her and help stimulate her in a calming way.

Omb, at one point she did LEAP off the footstool and into the guinea pig crate!!! She had been watching them for a while, then all of a sudden just dived into the side of the cage and flopped onto the floor…I almost had a heart attack! 😛

She has been enjoying the pigs today, and Chelsea pig got kisses!

9.45pm and we’re back!

My back is *killing*, my god is she suddenly heavy, even with the baby sling! We had a nice carry at dusk, which is when she used be most scared, so it’s good to still get her out in the gloom. She got to do a few short bursts of walking (around 6 minutes total), and she saw a woman out walking her 3 legged GSD.

Hopefully she’ll settle down to bed soon.

9.47 and my partner just brought her upstairs from taking her to the loo, then needed the loo himself, and by the time he’d got back Nyx had weed on the floor. WHY does she refuse to go outside and then go immediately inside sometimes?! When other times she will hold her bladder for hours, let us know she needs to go, and do fab?!?!?

We had an accident free day yesterday with ease, then today she’s had TWO accidents indoors – the first was when she refused to go in the garden after coming out her crate (she seems to do this after a crate freak out, I guess stress) and the second was now, for no reason.

My partner is as frustrated with her today as I feel with her everyday XD

10pm – pig pics, just ‘cos.

And how cute is this? 🙂

10.05pm. Wow Nyx is being a handful. Got the doggy relaxation music on, but she’s too busy prancing about, trying to get items that aren’t for her and tossing toys into the air to sleep *rolls eyes*

10.10, she’s in her crate on the giant cushion, still and settled, hopefully about to fall asleep!

10.55pm, she was actually asleep but I had to wake her up to dole out meds to the pigs. Ah well, she’s semi-settled now!

Bed for us all after our hardest day of crate rest so far…mostly thanks to Nyx and my Bipolar, with a few other handy difficulties chucked in. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one.


2 thoughts on “Crate rest: day 9 part 2

  1. Regarding her housebreaking, have you tried a spray that attracts them to a spot outside to do their business? As much as I hate it too, I would also stay out and walk around until she goes and give her plenty of praise and treats immediately. I know this is a pain when it’s really late, raining, freezing etc. Phin is potty trained, but there are a few moments when he turns right around and wants to go inside. I just lead him back out to sniff and eventually he will go. Also make sure you have a great floor cleaner to get rid of any smells that might attract her to go inside again. I use nature’s miracle in the red bottle. Not sure if that is available in your area. Please don’t give up on her. She is such a cute girl and I’m sure when she is healed and getting proper excercise she will be too tired to act up. 🙂

    • We’ve upped the management, so if we take her outside and she doesn’t go, we bring her in and stand over her for a minute, then back out. If she doesn’t go again, when we bring her in we now stand with her in our arms. Zero opportunity until she toilets outdoors haha 😛

      The problem is when we wait outside for her to toilet, she gets bored and starts beginning to do zoomies, and obviously as she’s supposed to be on crate rest we can’t have that haha! So toilet trips have to be short, but we haven’t been using as much management as we could in the house – if she doesn’t go outside we can’t take our eyes off her I guess.

      The spray idea is a good one. We were given one of those when we adopted our first dog years ago, but never used it with him as a) he was already house trained, and b) we didn’t have a garden!

      I hope we can work it out where she can stay, as she is wonderful in a lot of ways…but real separation anxiety isn’t something we can manage alongside keeping our other dogs happy and me! We have a new plan to try get her used to being alone / the crate, and we’re also hoping she will settle better when she’s getting more exercise…we’ll see.

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