Crate rest: day 9 of 42

10am – Morning wake up.

I had to take a pill to help me sleep in the night because I woke up at 5am with my mind racing – wonder if I’m going manic? Either way I got back to sleep, and woke up this morning about an hour after Nyx.

10.50am and Nyx has been ready to settle for about half an hour.

She’s been chewing her sleepy rawhide, but every now and then gets up for seemingly no reason and tries to play, and we have to keep saying “no, no Nyx, you’re tired, go to sleep” 😀

11am – sleeping.

12pm – Nyx woke up, played pretty nicely. Done a good amount of reinforcing for being in the crate.

Just had a huge argument – well, not really an argument, I don’t know what it was – with my partner. He’s refusing to leave me alone because he has to ‘keep me safe’, but I need time away from everything, and then I got reeeaaally angry because it’s all well and good keeping me safe, but I need something to help my mental state too.

I told him it’s like if a zoo ‘rescued’ an endangered animal, then made it live out its’ life in a tiny concrete enclosure with nothing to do. Physically the animal is safe, but mentally it would have been better off dead.

If you follow my Bipolar blog, I’m sorry for rambling about this on both blogs!

I’m feeling entirely stuck Bipolar-wise. Entirely stuck. We’ve contacted mental health charities and other services, and nobody has any ideas on how to move forward. We are stuck.

12.40, Nyx has actually settled to sleep again. I think we might walk her up for a ‘walk’ soon.

1pm – heading out now!

1.50 and another nice walk completed 🙂

We bumped into an elderly man who lives in the village and we stop and chat with him. It was good practice for Nyx to stay calm; she had no interest in greeting or looking at him, and at one point he did greet her and give her a stroke, but he’s not a very doggy person, so it was over and done with in 5 seconds. I thought that was a good thing for Nyx to get used to.

We crossed the bridge and put Nyx down, and she got to walk some more!

She walked about 5-6 minutes this time, and she did much better attention wise too. She was checking in and walking much nicer than yesterday…not sure if it’s because this wasn’t her first walk or because we didn’t give her such a big meal this time 😛

Now we’re just waiting for her to calm down so we can leave her, and go grab some shopping.

2.30pm – doggy relaxation music went on 10 minutes ago, and she’s spark out! Leaving her in her crate now.

3.25pm – well, it happened again. Came back and could hear her making noise outside, came in and she’s completely stressed out.

Now sat with our backs to her completely ignoring her as she whines at medium volume and stress pants. She can come out when she shuts up.

I am so done -__-

The thing I don’t understand is that when we left her today it was the *exact* same situation as yesterday – it was after a walk, when she was tired and had completely wound down. She was sleeping when we transferred her over, same as yesterday. We left the relaxation music on, she had cuddle toys, and several puzzle feeders.

Yesterday she didn’t make a peep, today she was screaming by the time we were putting our shoes on, and making noise when we returned. I am really pissed off.

We’re struggling so much alongside this with mental health, giving our other dogs time (obviously Nyx takes A LOT of our time being on crate rest), money, and everything else…I’m really wondering if we should just rehome her now. I honestly don’t know.

3.30 whining has developed to screams. Oh, 3.32 and she’s sleeping, out of nowhere.

Nyx has had these freak outs in her crate three times total since we found her now; each time there has been no obvious trigger, and the previous two she had positive times in her crate immediately after them.

The first time was several weeks ago, the second time was the day before yestserday, and the third time was obviously today. I have no idea where to go from here, how to work on her crate training…I have no idea if we should just be looking for a better home for her.

I don’t think myself and partner have ever felt so defeated.

3.40; after a very brief talk we think we’re going to continue with what we’re doing: making the crate a positive place, rewarding her for choosing to be in there, and leaving her no matter what. We’re also going to start shutting her in when we’re home (as we haven’t done as much of that) and build it up, ignoring any noise.

We have some natural calming powder on the way that we ordered a few days ago too, you never know, that might help.

If she doesn’t improve after a few weeks, we’re not able to deal with this, but by then her leg will most likely be 100% better and we will have to try find her the best home possible.

She’s still sleeping by the way, dead to the world inside her crate.


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