Crate rest: day 8 of 42

7.30am – woke up by Nyx walking and whinging. Ignored her for 15 minutes to see if she would settle, then toileted her when she didn’t. Straight back to sleep for her afterwards 🙂

8.45am – I woke up before Nyx today!

She woke up for a little, then settled back down and slept.

10.30am – Nyx is finally awake 😛

Gave her a big meal split into puzzle feeders (she could do with a *little* extra weight on her) and did a lot of crate work with her – rewarding her for going in, staying in, and hiding treats in there when she wasn’t looking.

We’ve extended her to tether as she is recovering so well. She’s gone from a 3ft tether to a 5-6ft tether, yay freedom!

We’ve been doing some mad playing – look at these haha!



11.40am – heading out for a ‘walk’ now.

12.10pm – that was a nice walk 🙂

We carried her to a quiet lane and then plonked her on the ground, and let her walk for about 4 minutes – her first walk!!

She really enjoyed sniffing everything. She didn’t do great at paying attention or taking treats – I think this is partly because she had a big meal this morning, but also obviously because she hasn’t got to walk in so long. I need to remind myself a lot that it doesn’t mean she’s ‘ruined’ or has gone back in her training.

Two cyclists came down the lane at one point, so I tried to call Nyx over but she ignored me and was busy getting herself freaked out – she’s *never* had an issue with cyclists so that sucks.

This is why we tried to stress how important it was to the vets that she not miss out on socialisation…she’s even seen cyclists in our arms, but I guess she won’t have seen them on the ground since before her injury.

As the cyclists drew closer I had to semi-drag Nyx to me at the side, then I scattered some ham on the ground. She ate one bit but missed the others, and as the first cyclist was drawing level with us she made to back off and freak, then I did the positive interrupter and showed her ham and she ate it no sweat.

It’s hard to determine how scared she actually is sometimes.

We turned around and carried her back, and walked past a Schnauzer and Golden Retriever. I was actually wanting to kneel down so Nyx could say hi briefly, but the Golden wasn’t giving off confident body language so we decided not to.

12.15pm and she’s already settling!!

This means we should be putting in her crate and leaving her, but after yesterday when she freaked, I’m really not looking forward to that >__<

12.20 okay, we’re leaving her *gulp* 😦

1pm – she did fine 🙂

No idea why today was different or what, but she was fine. Weird.

1.45pm, since getting back we’ve continued to do a lot of crate work, and then I did some vigorous playing with her.

Now she’s ready to settle again but resisting.

2pm she is settled.

2.45; my partner took Raiden out for a walk and Nyx got up, but she’s been very sweet. We’ve started letting her calmly get onto and off the footstool, which she’s very happy about, and she’s been either gently playing or dozing.



2.55, she was winding herself up getting excited over watching the guinea pigs, so I put the relaxation music on and she is sleeping. Bliss 🙂

From this

to this!

4pm – Noonie has woken up and out of nowhere my energy levels have reached zero……so tired =__=

6pm – just woke up from a nap to find Nyx and my partner were sleeping with me haha.

I woke up and snuck out the room to spend some time with Kasper, who is in the other room. We played some tug, had some cuddles, now he’s trying some rawhide as Nyx has woken up.

I’ve woken up with yet another migraine. Dear god am I tired of this constant pain…

6.10pm, Nyx is back from the loo and has just been opting to lie in her crate as I occasionally throw her treats. She has been offering this a LOT more since we’ve been putting so much more effort in crate-wise, and seeing as she was fine when we left her in her crate today, she can’t have separation anxiety.

If she truly had separation anxiety she would lose her shit every time we left her in her crate, and not just when she felt like it 😉

That makes me feel a ton better, and much more positive about getting things back on track.

I’ll post this now as it’s getting kinda long. Today has been a good day so far 🙂


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