Crate rest: day 8 of 42

7pm – she’s playing happily with my partner.

She’s just found half a dental stick from earlier, and picked it up and trotted over to her daddy with it all proud hahaha! Now she’s gnawing it on his lap 🙂 ❤

8.30pm – still playing, she’s been up 2.5 hours now…that’s a long time for a 4 month old pup to be up and busy!

She’s ready to settle now, but fighting hard against her tiredness. She’s been playing really nicely for the most part, getting a little too excited a few times and needing to picked up to calm her, but mostly doing really well.

She had the entrails of a bowl we’d made Kasper a puzzle feeder from, and now she’s just mooching about carrying toys, having the odd whine and the odd chew. Hoping she’ll settle soon!

8.40, chewing her rawhide – the precursor to sleep, maybe?

9.20pm – damn, she had settled but I had to do stuff with the guinea pigs, so she woke up after literally a minutes’ sleep.

Now she’s pacing and whining and refusing to settle. She’s not being too bad though. I think I’ll try some doggy relaxation music after we’ve toileted her.

9.30, my partner’s taking Kasper for a toilet walk then putting him in his crate before Nyx is settled – Kasper’s a clumsy oaf and always whines in excitement before any walk, so when we take him out it always wakes Nyx up!

Hopefully Nyx will settle very soon and then my partner will walk Rey before bed.

The doggy music has been on just over five minutes and even though the room door is shut (which it almost never is) and she can hear Kasper clunking about, Nyx is more settled then she has been in ages. Love this relaxation music!!

9.35 and she has settled and is tiredly chewing her rawhide. Rawhide seems to be her favourite thing to gum about when she’s tired 🙂

10.15pm – she’s been sleeping quite a while now. My partner’s walking Rey, then it’s bed for us all!

11pm – all ready for bed haha.

Today has been our best day so far since Nyx’s injury. She has been more settled in the house, but also happier when awake too. She’s had fun playing, enjoyed training, and thrived in her crate.

We’ve begun letting her get on and off the footstool (not continuously, a few times a day), we’ve extended the tether she is on, and she got to walk for four whole minutes on a walk outdoors today 😉

Yay for good days!


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