Crate rest: day 5 part 2

1.50pm – we’re actually having to wake Nyx up to take her out haha 🙂

2.35pm – had a really fun trip out with Nyx. We walked to the nearby watering hole, and sat around the water so she could have a sniff and a paddle.

Then we carried her to the next village and sat in the play park with her for about 15 minutes, and she was great!  We did some basic training (sit, lie down, paw, leave it, touch) and played chase with leaves, then she settled for a minute or two to chew a stick.

Then we carried her home. We’re starting to worry less and less about her bouncing or walking a little way, which feels like a huge relief!

2.50 my god she is being so damn annoying >__<

She’s turned into such a horrible barky mess since she hurt her leg. Sometimes when she is bored (which is most the time…) or when she wants attention and can’t reach us on lead, she just barks. And barks. And barks.

It’s not all the time, or every time the above happens, but it’s SO DAMN ANNOYING!

We’ve started now where we ask her to shush, and if she doesn’t she gets picked up and held still until she’s finished stropping and is calm. This is something we had to do A LOT with Raiden when he was young, as he was very yappy…he caught on quick that yapping = end of fun 😉

Nyx only barks like this when she’s worked herself into a state, or when she is tired but refusing to settle.

So yeah, since we got back, she’s just been barking, and digging at the covers, and whining, and she even had a wee in the house – we decided not to toilet her when we got back as she had ample opportunity to toilet on her ‘walk’, which makes it our fault, but is still annoying!


3.10pm – she’s settled *phew*

3.20, about to transfer her into her crate so we can go walk Kasper together 🙂

3.50 – wow, that was…stressful >__<

We put Nyx in her crate with three puzzle feeders, chew toys, her gigantic pink teddy, and the dog music playing. We went downstairs and booted up, and Nyx started throwing a huuuuge strop!

Then we realised it was torrential outside *sigh* Got Kasper harnessed up and on lead, and just headed out leaving Nyx screaming, feeling very frustrated. We walked in the rain, in shorts, t-shirts and me in a sun hat (hahahaha!) and let Kasper off lead in the field.

He was sopping wet in seconds, then two ducks burst out the grass and for the next ten minutes Kasper chased them as they circled the huge field above us…was pretty funny as for the first few minutes he was running at 100mph, then after that he was lagging way behind them and so tired, bless him 🙂

We started leaving the field (there was no way Kasper would come when called while chasing ducks) and eventually Kasper left the circling ducks and came to us, absolutely exhausted!

We had a little rest and fussed him, then sent him off to the river for a drink, and put his lead on afterwards. Then headed home.

My partner came in and got Nyx out her crate and toileted her, said she was calm and quiet. Now she’s back attention barking at me (my ears are literally ringing) and she’s just done a wee and I have no idea why *sigh*

4.20pm – continued to whine with a few barks as we ate, and ignored her. When she was quiet we would throw her food.  After eating my partner took her out to the toilet and I gave her a bowl of water and wet dog food to up her fluids, just in case the accident before was a hint of a reoccurring UTI.

Now she is back to being a MASSIVE arse. Refusing to play with toys, but then going and digging and chewing on covers. Whining for absolutely no reason. I have a headache and am so stressed, and I’m just not getting any time to de-stress.

My partner has to take Raiden out soon, and I’m going to be left with gappy gobshite.

5.10pm – I’ve just de-stressed as much as possible by swapping the mouse and Crested Gecko’s cages around, and feel a bit better even though Nyx is still being a pain 🙂

I didn’t like Anton in the Critter’s Choice tank – it’s a pain in the arse to clean (the bottom level being so close to the floor means it’s so hard to get all the substrate and bits out), the roof already has a hole in from where the gerbils chewed their way out (HUGE flaw with this cage!) and finally handling isn’t easy because of the poor design with the levels.

Seth had just gone into a large Exo Terra terrarium, and the access to this cage is awesome – the entire roof lifts off AND 3/4 of the glass on the front opens. Wow!

So we moved Seth into the Critter’s Choice tank, and Anton is in the Exo Terra tank. I had a cheeky cuddle with Seth during the transfer 😉


Can you see Seth in the pic below? 🙂

Anton’s cage is only 45cm x 45cm x 60cm so he’ll probably be upgraded once he’s an adult and can’t fit through the bars of a wire cage, but for now he’s loving it, and I can’t wait to get handling him with ease!

We want to buy some branches or an upturned plastic basket to use the height better, something about the same height as the top of his wire climbing wall.

The guinea pigs continue to get along fantastically…nothing but a little bum shaking and nose jabs, it’s going really really well!

There was a slight worry with Toast earlier, as her back legs are different to any other pigs’ I’ve seen…they’re very horizontal and low to the ground (like a badly bred GSD), and she lies down a lot, it’s almost like she can’t use them properly. I didn’t notice this yesterday though.

I’ve given her a thorough examination and done a lot of research online, and it seems there’s no need to worry just yet. She can get about perfectly fine and is eating and drinking, generally a very happy and greedy little pig.

I’ve read a lot about an illness in guinea pigs where they can’t use their back legs very well (can be triggered by a jolt to the spine / legs), which usually resolves within a few weeks. So we’ll keep an eye on her and hope it’s that!

We’ve taken out the blue RUB they like to sleep in, as there’s a bit of a lip getting in and out, and I don’t want anything making Toast worse. They now just have the lowered log bridge to sleep under.

All four of them were under there XD

Baby girls 🙂

And the fish are in their 80L tank and loving it too…everyone’s had upgrades today 🙂

5.45pm Nyx is sleeping, my partner’s walking Rey.

6.45pm – Nyx is awake, being an obnoxious player and barking for attention either whenever we stop or she decides she is bored. I have the most terrific migraine, hoping Codeine will help…

8.10pm – partner just got back from a ‘walk’ with Nyx. Apparently they got about five minutes away when the heavens opened, so they hid under a bridge for about 15 minutes, then he took his t-shirt off, wrapped Nyx up in it and carried her home topless XD

I’m in a lot of pain so just collapsed in a corner, and bless my partner he’s trying to keep Nyx busy.

8.49, still up and playing like a loon. She’s ragging the pink teddy, sprinting, being a jerk and barking to say hello to me. I’m too tired and hurty to go see her.

9.40 and she is sleeping, thank you world!!

10pm – bed for all.


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