Crate rest: day 5 part 2

5.05pm – wth, Nyx is awake already?!

5.30 HOW is she awake?? She’s actively playing and being a huge pain – HOW?!

5.45, took her out to the toilet a few times, then put her in her crate and shut the door with toys and two puzzle feeders. I don’t care how much she whines, she is staying in there until she sleeps XD

6pm – I suddenly remembered that Daisy’s owner told us that calming music made specifically for dogs really helped Daisy when she has had to have long stretches of crate rest.

As Nyx was whining continuously and stropping about in her crate, we found an 8 hour dog calming music video on YouTube, and put it on.

WOW! I recommend this to EVERYONE who has a dog on crate rest 😀

Within two minutes, Nyx had stopped whining and chewing at the bars, and was lying down chewing her Buffalo horn. Then a few minutes after that, she was sleeping!!!

She has been sleeping for 30 minutes now (6.25pm) and I have to admit, I got teary when she started to sleep. I’m. so. relieved!

Apparently the music works as, alongside the calming music, there’s a high pitched noise that only dogs can hear, and it helps them to focus and calm down. If this first trial is anything to go by, it seems to work, and we will be utilising this when Nyx is refusing to settle 🙂

7.10pm – Nyxie was getting a little more wakeful whilst still dozing, so we opened the crate door and let her out while she was happy and quiet in there.

Woken up and immediately bouncing off the walls, my partner’s playing with her and trying to keep her busy.

7.45pm just gave Nyx the giant pink teddy we bought for her the other day. Hopefully it’ll hold her attention for a while – she seems to be a big fan!



8pm – both ears are up, she is panting, and flinging herself about madly. Very hyped!

My partner held her on his lap to calm her, and she play bit him very hard, earning a yelp. She’s struggling and whining and trying to play. My partner just said (and he’s spot on) “I wish she’d stop going from nought to sixty in seconds”…it feels like she’s barely sleeping, and then as soon as she wakes up she is BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS!

When she gets *really* OTT she wriggles, whines and bites at our hands or, if she’s being restrained by the lead, she bucks and just goes crazy at the end of the tether. In her crate she whines and scrabbles and bites at the bars. She’s bonkers with energy 😦

On a random note, the guinea pigs have been together around 5 hours now and are getting along great. How cute is this, our little piggy herd chilling together 🙂

And I had a quick cuddle with Crumb, Toast and Loaf; yes, the babies fit easily in one hand!

Love my pigs, Loafster is being such a good big sister!

8.30, we’ve done lots of active play with her…tug of war, chase, wrestling, left her chewing on toys etc and she’s showing no signs of slowing.

We’ve done some harness work (putting it on and off on cue), and other easy obedience such as sit, paw, lie down, leave it etc. She is FULL OF ENERGY >__<

9pm – yay, lying down still and chewing the old piece of rawhide and her crinkley bone.


9.06pm, fiiiiinally, she’s sleeping! With her head on a her huge pink teddy bear, it’s pretty damn adorable ❤

10pm – my partner’s walking the boys before bed and I’m going to nestle down next to Nyx and watch some TV. Signing off for day 5!



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