Crate rest: day 5 of 42

9am – Nyx woke up. She woke once a little earlier, but settled again bless her.

We have an epic adventure planned today, with Nyx.

We’re getting the train to a seaside town 15 mins away, walking along the prom where you usually see a lot of peeps and pups, and then popping into the pet shop to pick up two baby girl guinea pigs!

This little girl looks like Tilt! We’re thinking of calling her Toast 😀

Here’s Tilt, the guinea pig we adopted that had a brain disorder and sadly passed at about 7 months old. Isn’t the baby girl a little mini-Tilt? 🙂

And the other little girl we’re picking up possibly has some Peruvian in her, meaning she could have seriously long hair!! You see all her little floofy bits?!

We’re thinking of calling her Crumb 😀

We’ve had the babies reserved since the staff member sent me photos of them haha, so now we have two 15 minute train journeys (luckily we’ve never seen these trains busy), one heck of a carry, and an exciting pet shop to explore!

We *have* to remember to take a lead with us, because Nyx is at the stage now where she can go on the ground and rest, or have a little pootle to toilet. Not taking a lead would be disastrous XD

10.20am – After lots of active play and some barking whilst we were eating, she is sleeping.

12pm – heading out, even though it’s raining. The trains work best at this time, so we’ll be back in just over an hour and a half!

I have Nyx cuddled up to me in the pupoose, with a quilt wrapped all around her shoulders so just her head is poking out – gotta keep the pup warm 🙂

3.45pm – well, that was the journey from hell!!

We got to the station and onto the train, all was fine. Then the man that sat in front of us was HORRIBLE. At first we chatted a little about Nyx and she said hello, and that was fine, but then she was done and getting uncomfortable because he was being obnoxious.

For fifteen minutes this guy shoved his face between the seats into Nyx’s, held her head in both his hands, and was just totally over-bearing and threatening in a way only humans can be to dogs 😦

I was shovelling chicken into Nyx’s gob, getting her to do tricks, moving her behind me, playing with toys etc and this guy just wasn’t getting the message – WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE?!?

Anyway, he got off at the first stop thank god, but then the stop before ours’ the signal failed, and we were stuck for 15 minutes – ugh! The guy across the aisle said hi to Nyx, and not 100% happy, she enjoyed it. When we moved her away and redirected her, this guy actually didn’t persist in greeting her.

We got off the train as it was stuck. Nyx had a little walk about and went for a wee, I was totally stressed and told my partner we should just go home, because I didn’t want any of this to traumatise Nyx, but he said we could do it and it would be okay.

The train driver called to say it was ready to go, so we climbed on at the nearest door and sat down, and the seats over had three young children…agh! This was supposed to be an easy journey!!

We arrived, me and my partner *incredibly* stressed, and walked to the pet shop. I told the staff member (who we know pretty darn well) not to interact with Nyx as we’d had a really shitty journey.

We wandered about for a while then stood at the counter chatting with the woman, and we talked a lot about Nyx. The pet shop woman got some really high value yet soft dog treats and approached us (after checking that was okay).

We chatted as the staff member ignored Nyx and fed her treats, which Nyx ate. Nyx was then excited to lick her hands and greet her, and the pet shop woman was fantastic in that she praised Nyx and told her how lovely she was, but she wasn’t at all overbearing – no head strokes, eye contact, looming etc.

So that was good 🙂

My partner carried Nyx about whilst I chatted with the staff member and looked at the pigs (OMB THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!!) then my partner and Nyx headed off to the stations whilst I cuddled and boxed up the girls.

At the train station we laid the blanket down for Nyx, and gave her a chicken and rice chew, which she happily polished off in minutes.

The train was announced as approaching the platform. We packed our things up…and five minutes later, they then announced it would be 20 minutes delayed – wtf?!?

So we sat back down, got the toys and blanket back out, and gave Nyx more chews. By this point she was getting extremely full (she’d had a lot of treats for dealing so well with idiotic people on the train, being in the pet shop etc) and started ignoring food.

She wasn’t interested in playing with toys, but did chase a strand of grass. We mooched about the platform a little, she had a drink, but then she started getting zoomy so had to be held on my partner’s lap.

Finally the train arrived, and wow, it was HEAVING!!

We got on at the closest door and literally couldn’t fit in the carriage, so I said “we’re not taking her on there”, and as we were getting off someone told us there were seats available just to the left. (why were they all stood then?!)

We climbed back on board, me with the rucksack and guinea pigs, my partner with Nyx, and found some seats. There were actually seven seats, but in singles as nobody wanted to sit next to each other, so that was annoying.

Myself and partner sat across the aisle from each other, facing each other, and tried to keep Nyx busy, but the bone we’d saved for the journey back didn’t interest her as she was so full.

She began to settle lying across both our laps (across the aisle 😀 ) when an absolute angel gave up her seat so we could sit side-by-side and have Nyx between us.

We swapped seats and thanked this woman profusely, and even though there was a rather odd man sat opposite us (it was a set of 4 seats with a table between us and him) Nyx had no anxiety towards him because he wasn’t interacting with her.

She lay down and slept for the rest of the journey 😀

This is what I wish people would understand:

Nyx doesn’t have much interest in saying hello to people, and in most circumstances she DOES NOT ENJOY you fussing her or forcing yourself on her. You are not helping her, she is not having fun, you are making her uncomfortable and potentially ruining her socialisation. You need to read the signs she is giving off, they are SO obvious.

She does much better if you ignore her, and let her come to you. Maybe she does want to say hi, but it will only be for ten seconds. She does not want continuous hellos, or cuddles. Like most dogs she doesn’t enjoy eye contact, being stroked on the head, or being restrained by strangers.

I guess I wish the thing people understood most was how to read dogs – she’s turning away, that means you stop stroking her now. She’s yawning, or licking her lips, or avoiding eye contact – that means you back off NOW!!

If it hadn’t been for horrible in-your-face people today, our trip would have been so much less stressful.

I guess I need to start telling people to back off as soon as I notice them looking at Nyx, but a) it’s not that easy, and b) I’m the person who normally goes into ‘give her treats and keep her busy’ mode, and my partner struggles to ask people to leave us alone.

God, people SUCK >__<

Anyway. We may have been out twice as long as we should have, and it might have been an absolute nightmare journey that has *never* happened before on our travels to that pet shop…but it was worth it for these two beauties 🙂

Say hi to Crumb the Peruvian cross (that’s Chelsea Slice in the background!)

And Toast, who is FULL of personality! She has been going around stealing food from her big sisters, and they’ve let her 🙂

Big sister Loaf has already taken Crumb under her wing 🙂

They have been together for an hour now, and there hasn’t been a single squabble 🙂

Loaf is about double the size of the babies, but Chelsea is hilariously similar in size!


So yeah, that’s our day so far. I’ll leave some more piggy pics, and end it here for now.

They do normally have toys, but they’ve been removed whilst they get to know each other. I can’t wait for Crumb’s hair to grow!!

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