Crate rest: day 3 & stoopid vets

Nyx woke up in the night but, when I ignored her and pretended to be asleep, she settled down after five minutes and slept through the rest of the night – yaaaay ūüôā

8am – woke up and everyone had sleepy morning cuddles.

Toileted Nyx and brought her up to eat half her meal from a Tux and half her meal out of a bowl. Her ears are up (they only do this when she is energetic; they do this a lot on walks!) but she’s playing happily so far.

Great start to the day!

8.40am still playing happily with daddy and some toys…he plays very differently to me; he’s quite gentle which is good for winding down or not winding Nyx up, whereas if she’s already hyped up the two of us play better together as we’re very active and rough.

Saw an¬†article online with photos of dogs aging; one pic from when they’re young (seems to be anywhere between 6 months and 7ish years) and one when they’re older. Very touching and beautiful, but sad too.

8.45, time for Nyx’s morning ‘walk’!

9.30am – back, and so tired and sweaty XD

We walked across the fields to the next village. We had a rest in the fields and Nyx got to chew some grass (she frickin’ loves eating plants and grass), then we picked her up and carried her to the play park.


We’d brought a load of toys but she started wanting¬†to be zoomy, so my partner had to hold her still while she stropped it out. When she quieted I carried her around the play park, we sat on a swing together, and then we headed home.


You can see her energy; look at the ears!

She was pretty whiny whilst out because she was feeling so excitable and wanting to run, but hopefully it’s still tired her! Now she’s back on her lead in the corner, which my partner has dubbed ‘the cuddle corner’ ūüôā

10am – still stropping in the cuddle corner, tired but refusing to sleep.

Whilst I don’t have much else to write about, here are some quotes from several¬†vets we spoke¬†with on Monday – and yes, they did actually believe what they were saying was true.

“I really don’t think you need to worry about socialisation. She’s been fine here today. It’s not like she will be on her own, she’s still getting socialisation from seeing you”

Just WOW! The vet said this when we raised serious concerns about Nyx missing out on six whole weeks of socialisation…talk about not understanding what socialisation is – and this was from¬†a vet!

When we were dog walkers, we visited a Golden Retriever, and the poor dog was terrified of us Рhe hid behind a couch with his face pressed into the wall, and urinated. When the owners dragged the dog out (against our advice) the dog trembled in a corner, stress panting and drooling excessively.

We visited them several times to try show the dog we were no threat. We ignored the dog other than to throw hotdog to him, we used calming signals, and chatted with the owners. Hours of doing this changed nothing.

When quizzed,¬†his owners¬†explained they had had the dog since he was a puppy, and while he spent a lot of time with them, he wasn’t socialised with other people and they rarely had visitors…this is what can happen when a puppy isn’t socialisaed with people, they can become terrified of everyone.

With Nyx already having a bad start, it takes a lot of work to help her become a confident stable dog…yet the vet didn’t understand this, and thought Nyx¬†just seeing us was all the socialisation she needed. It really is sad.

(the vet below didn’t understand it was¬†people socialisation we were worried about Nyx missing out on, and not really socialisation with other dogs…a dog-aggressive dog is far easier to manage than a dog that is fear-aggressive with people)

“I mean she can still see your other dogs when she’s inside the crate if you have them in the same room, so she’ll be getting socialisation with dogs through that”

First of all socialisation is SO MUCH MORE than just watching the same dogs from afar – it’s learning to read their signals through play, and learning appropriate interaction. It’s meeting dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

I know several dogs who are fine with other dogs in the household, but really¬†aggressive with dogs they don’t know –¬†just because a dog is okay with the dogs s/he lives with, it does not guarantee they are socialised with dogs outside the home!¬†

There is nothing wrong with having a dog that doesn’t like other dogs, but the fact that vets are pushing these outdated and ridiculous ideas of socialisation really pisses me off!

Also, having Kasper or Rey in the same room as Nyx whilst she¬†was in her crate is a bloody stupid idea…I can only imagine how wound up Nyx would get *rolls eyes*

“You can have her out the crate next to you on the couch. She’ll be so happy to see you and be receiving attention she’ll just sit still and lap it up, it’ll be a very easy way to keep her still”

I admit, I almost laughed at that last one…I mean, they really do have no idea, and sometimes their assumptions are hilarious ūüėÄ

I mean, tell me any 4 month old energetic puppy¬†that would¬†happily sit still every hour of the day, with NO exercise, just because its’ owners are fussing it?!

It’s scary sometimes how little vets understand, or how little they know about socialisation and dog behaviour. A lot of people turn to them for advice about these things, and they give it out without saying they haven’t studied in this area…scary.

10.40am Рfinally Nyx is sleeping!


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