Crate rest: day 2 part 2

Nyx’s check-up at the vets was entirely pointless *sigh*

I wouldn’t have minded but we had to ask a friend to drive us there, it’s a 15-60 minute drive (traffic dependent – usually somewhere in the middle) and it stresses Nyx out.

The appt lasted less than two minutes, and the vet nurse we saw didn’t tell us what she was going to be doing, so she just walked in and immediately started grabbing Nyx’s face and looking at her teeth…like, back off and tell us what you’re going to do! We could have told you what might help our dog, or that she’s particularly fearful of something in particular…but no, you just grab her and assume it’s fine.

Once she let Nyx go, I immediately started feeding her treats. The nurse then checked her ears and her heartbeat and, other than asking us how Nyx was doing, that was it.

Totally pointless.

(although it was hilarious seeing her disapproval when she asked how crate rest was going, and we explained Nyx had been in her crate less than an hour total, and we’d been keeping her still and stimulated other ways XD )

The nurse also said we need another appt on Monday (this time with a vet though so I guess it’s a proper check-up), and for some reason she seemed hell bent that we see the horrendous vet that treated Nyx initially…just no.

Nyx is getting better in the car; she was whiny and panty (but coping) for 20 minutes on the way there, then settled and slept the rest of the way. On the way back she enjoyed having her head out the window, then sprawled and slept too 😀

6pm – came home and attached the lead to Nyx in her corner. Didn’t give her too much to do (just some kitchen roll to shred!) as she was exhausted. Waited for her to crash.

Our friend gave us a second hand terrarium he got from work that was no longer needed, so I cleaned it out next to Nyx so she could watch me move Seth in. It’s a little larger than his current RUB, and we can see him much better which is adorable 🙂

Seth is 5-6 inches long now, he’s growing like a weed and a real sweetie…he does great with his handling, and boy is he pretty! 🙂

Nyx crashed after about 30 mins watching what was going on.

8pm – Nyx woke up just as our friend was leaving.

We gave her a crisp packet and paper bag to shred, and toileted her twice within half an hour.

Sounds extreme but she gets 30 seconds to toilet outside, then gets brought in whether she’s gone or not – if she doesn’t go, we’ll take her out 10 mins later. We won’t hang about out there and risk her walking too much.

We fed her in a puzzle feeder, then she went through a 10 minute period of attention barking and being frustrated. As of 8.45pm she is doing lively, if slightly bored, play and entertaining herself 😉

9.30pm – playing fairly happily, still a little bored and every now and then there will be a little but if whining, but not bad.

She’s currently chewing on a carrot, surrounded by little bits of crisp packet and paper that she’s shredded throughout the day!!

9.50pm, bored whining. Straining to end of lead and getting frustrated. Can be redirected to toys, but loses patience quickly. She’s not being too vocal, she’s just bored 😛

10.15pm – getting close to bed time. Nyx is bored of all playing now, and just trying to mooch about whilst whining. My partner keeps drawing her to him for cuddles, and doing gentle playing. Trying to keep her settled and happy, yet winding down for bed. Don’t want her getting excited now!

10.30pm – final toilet trip. Guess I’ll sign off for day 2, and post how our night went tomorrow…I hope it’s a nicer start than yesterday 😀


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