Crate rest: day 2 of 42

Nyx woke us up at 2.30am. She was trying to walk around and play.

I was furious. I am THE WORLD’S grumpiest person when something wakes me up as I’m sleeping, and I was just so pissed off. I knew this was going to really badly affect my sleep (when something wakes me up, it takes me a loooong time to get back to sleep) and could lead to migraines or mood episodes, so I was not a happy bunny!

We attached a lead to the TV stand that our mouse’s tank is on, and after wrapping the lead around the leg a few times, we attached a chain segment to it (essentially an old chain lead but we’d cut the handle off) so she couldn’t chew through.

We clipped this to Nyx’s collar, and now she had about 3ft she can move in (similar to a medium size crate). She has room to settle on the mattress with us, reach a water bowl, and toys…but she can’t go any further.

Nyx settled and slept the rest of the night; I got to sleep somewhere between 3 and 4am.

8am – I woke up for no reason, felt exhausted, and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Me getting up woke Nyx up of course, so she went out to the toilet. We are going to alternate where she is today from the small leaded area to the foot stool and her crate.

Nyx was sick a few mins after we got up, just a tiny tiny patch of froth. Looked a lot like Kasper’s hunger pukes from when he was young, so I immediately filled a hollow bone with her breakfast.

Now she is playing with a multitude of toys, but every now and then she gets over-excited and tries to move too much. The lead keeps her from doing so, and we’ve found having one of us holding toys she likes to throw and chase can slow her.

Already today I feel extremely pissed off; I’m still exhausted, and feel sicky-headachey. I wish I coped better with stress, frustration and lack of sleep. The fear of a mood episode alongside Nyx’s recovery is scary.

Initial observations are that Nyx is healing faster than expected (please god), as the vet said “if she’s putting more weight on her leg in a few weeks’ time, we might be able to reduce the amount of crate rest”, and she began putting weight on it last night, and has continued to do so today.

9am – taking Nyx out for a ‘walk’ now.

Have just bought a baby sling on amazon Prime to hopefully make carrying Nyx easier (seriously, 9kg feels HEAVY!!), it will be here tomorrow…I hope it works!

9.45am, back from our ‘walk’.

We took Nyx up through town & sat in the square whilst my partner grabbed some shopping. There was a small market going on and lots of people to watch, and we’d brought two filled bones (which she emptied in seconds).

Getting back home we put her in the lead area with a bone, several toys (stuffed, Nylabobes, Buffalo horn etc) and a carrot…she likes chewing carrots but seems to think they’re like sticks, and spits out the bits XD

Immediately after being put down she was whiny and doing excited yappy-barks, play bows, and wanting to zoom, but eventually she settled. My partner also said when he took her out back to toilet she tried to zoom, and wriggled like mad when he picked her up, so he had to scold her to be still as he would have dropped her.

I can only imagine how scary that must have been >__<

We’re both utterly exhausted and miserable…day 2 and we feel done with everything. This intense heat is making everything 10x worse, even with all the windows open our house is hideously warm.

Every now and then Nyx will stop chewing and do frustrated play-whiny-barks, then go back to angrily chewing her carrot.

10am – just settled down to sleep.


The pet shop we really like just fb messaged me with pics of the baby girl guinea pigs they have in, one of which looks to be Peruvian. I am so tempted to add another little girl to Loaf and Slice!! Trying to figure out if Nyx could make the journey, it would certainly be mentally tiring for her… 😉

1pm – Nyx just woke me up, I managed to get a 20 min nap!

Played energetically with Nyx whilst she was on her back, we had fun 🙂


My partner sat with her on the couch for about half an hour, playing with toys and a cardboard tube filled with treats, but Nyx was restless. She was trying to pace and climb on things, so we put her back on the lead area after toileting her (on lead, of course!).


We’ve found combining toys, attaching them to each other, makes her really interested in them 😀

She had her meal with meds, then we played energetically again. When Nyx is on her back there are a lot of different games we can play without me having to worry about her using her leg too much!

2.50pm – Nyx settled.

3.10pm – My partner went to cook some quick food, and Nyx woke up initially and whined. I called “Nyx, calm down!” to her as she was working herself up, and she lay down. She is  sleeping now.

3.55, time to wake Nyx up for her check-up at the vets!

Although today had a really bad start, and as I type this I have a killer headache and feel sick with nerves about the vets…I think it’s still been better than yesterday.

I think we’re getting into the swing of things, and although exhausting, I’m glad we thought of tying Nyx to something with a lead, as she’s been a lot happier 🙂


3 thoughts on “Crate rest: day 2 of 42

    • Thank you, I hope so too! I think today has actually been easier than yesterday, it did just get off to a really bad start 😀

      I do feel like we’re slowly getting used to things, and learning how to manage Nyx in her different moods…I really wish puppies whining didn’t get me so on edge though, that’s not helpful for this XD

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