Crate rest: day 1 of 42

Nyx needs 6 weeks of crate rest, and there isn’t that much info on crate rest out there.

There are helpful sites, ideas to keep your pup happy, lists of tricks you can work on while your dog is on crate rest – but there isn’t much talk of owners’ experiences with such a stretch of crate rest.

So I’m going to try blog about each day of crate rest, no matter how bad it gets! 🙂

Day 1

We went to bed about 11pm last night, and getting Nyx to settle was initially hard. We brought a sofa bed mattress up and lay it on the floor, so Nyx could still sleep with us with no chance of her being able to jump or fall off a bed.

It took her a while to realise she had to settle where she was, and she couldn’t negotiate. We used our bodies as barriers, and once she was asleep she slept through the entire night 🙂

8am – wake up & toilet time! Took her out to the garden, thankful we have a small garden so walking isn’t a worry!!

9am – Nyx has been up an hour, and Nyx and I have barriered ourselves onto the footstool together (it’s about 4x4ft). When she tries to walk about too much I bring her to me and cuddle her.

Any stuffed toys our dogs have made holes in, I have been hiding treats inside them!

Cat treats, pizza crusts (very small chunks), small pieces of ham, kibbe etc. This has been AWESOME and kept her very calm, and busy.

Now we are heading out to carry her about before it gets too hot outside!

10am – carried Nyx up through town to the pet shop.

She got to see dogs walk past, lots of people, traffic. She got to be inside the pet shop, and be calm in our arms as we talked to the staff. This is what we were so scared of her missing when the first vet said she had to be in the crate 24/7 for six weeks.

By the time we were heading home the heat was rising, so I couldn’t do much of the carrying on the way back!!

It’s 10.20am now and Nyx is back with me on the footstool, lying between my legs emptying a Tux 🙂

10.40am, she finished her puzzle feeder and is sleeping 🙂

3.15pm – Nyx woke up!

She played with her soft toys (which I had treated up as she was sleeping) for about 20 minutes, then got taken to the loo.

After the loo she was given a hollow bone filled with wet food, kibble and her meds – the bones are best as she lies and chews them calmly, whereas some puzzle feeders she tosses them about. She also got a bowl of wet food mixed with chamomile and water, to keep her fluids up.

4pm – Once she’d eaten she was restless and whiny, flitting between half-heartedly playing with toys and her daddy, to needing to be held close for trying to be too energetic, and whining.

At 4.40pm we took her to the toilet again (another success) and then got her a new toy to play with, an empty plastic bottle. She is now happily chewing away at it and enjoying making it crackle 🙂

5pm – bored of the bottle and fed up with life ( 😉 ) Nyx is now whining, wriggling and moaning…because you know, all this definitely isn’t HER doing!

Toilet trip (nothing going) and now we are planning to go carry her around outside again to get her as mentally tired as possible.

I think we’ve been incredibly lucky with how chilled she has been up till now, so here is where the real struggle starts!!

5.40pm, just back from the walk. We walked to a bench 10 minutes away (because our arms couldn’t cope carrying this 9kg bag o’ rocks any further!!) and sat holding a stick for Nyx to chew on as she watched the world go by.

She watched some kids play with a football, and she was very interested in them, which was good. She saw lots of cyclists too…lots of things to mentally tire her!

Back at home she had a bit of a chew of her Tux…

…and then I brought the Buffalo horn out to see if she was interested in chewing it.

She’s alternating between chewing the Buffalo horn and the plastic bottle, with occasional whining. She really wants us to know that she’s bored already, take me for a walk already! 🙂

6.15pm – Nyx fell asleep *phew*

At 6.40pm we toileted a sleepy Nyx and transferred Nyx to her crate, as we still need to work on leaving her alone in the house.

7.05pm – returned from Kasper’s short off lead walk, toileted Nyx, and had her on the footstool. Gave her a scrunched up leaflet to chew and shred, which she did whilst whining almost continuously.

7.15pm, whining, whining, whining, whining as she plays. Lots of whining, some flailing as my partner holds her, and louder screamy-whining…ugh, I fucking hate whining, it drives me insane! This is like crate training crying, but she’s not even in a crate!!!

7.30 = sleep for Nyx, yaaaaaay thank you world XD

9pm – Nyx is still sleeping…starting to worry about her waking up just as we’re going to bed haha! Wonder if I should wake her and do some gentle playing? It just seems so counter-productive!

Nyx woke up herself at 9.25pm. We took her to the toilet, and since she has been chewing the Buffalo horn, her bone, the old plastic bottle, and a new plastic bottle.

It’s 10.10pm so I’ll leave day one for now, and update how the night went tomorrow 🙂


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