The scariest day, *phew*

This morning we made an appt for Nyx as soon as the vets opened.

If you missed yesterday’s post, Nyx seriously hurt her leg whilst doing zoomies. As she ran through the doorway she suddenly started shrieking and stopped moving – she didn’t hit anything, at first we thought she had quicked a nail or something.

We couldn’t see anything wrong, but Nyx couldn’t put weight on her leg.

After speaking to the emergency vet, the next day (today) we made a vet appt. We went to a surgery in town that accepts help from a charity to pay for vet bills. My partner’s dad drove us over, and we went into the appt.

The vet we saw sucked. She wasn’t the worst vet we’ve had, but I asked her to be gentle with Nyx as Nyx used to be so scared of everything…and the vet just wasn’t gentle.

She checked Nyx’s leg, heartbeat, and temperature, then said they would need to do an x-ray because she suspected either a fracture or shattered knee.

I asked if we could wait about with Nyx until she was put under (because this is something our good vet will do) and she said no. She said Nyx would be “fine” in a kennel round back. I asked if we could leave some of her toys we’d taken, and then Nyx was gone.

I was crying hysterically. The vet warned us that if Nyx had any injury we wouldn’t qualify for the charity help with payment for some reason (they have to be healthy to qualify?). She said the x-ray would be done by dinnertime, it was about 10.30am then.

Afterwards we got dropped off in town, about a 30 minute walk from the vet, and we just sat and cried. We were so scared.

After an hour or so we bought some food and began walking closer to the surgery, then my partner called his friend who lives in town, and he came out to meet us and said he would drive us home with Nyx later.

Around 1pm the vet called, and she was extremely rude. It was disgusting. She gave us no information.

She told us it was a torn ligament, treatment would be expensive, and when we pushed her for information she said it was 6 weeks crate rest…she was just awful, and told us we could pick Nyx up at 4pm. As we were nearby the good vet we took Flair to, we went and asked if a vet could very quickly talk to us about a dog with ligament damage. I was still crying.

The vet we spoke with was extremely helpful.

Our main concern was Nyx hating her crate and, even more so, her loosing such vital socialisation. With her history, she NEEDS socialisation, we absolutely cannot miss out on 6 weeks socialisation!

This vet said we should be able to carry Nyx outside, so long as she can’t walk. This means we can still socialise her with the world. She said she doesn’t need to be in her crate 24/7 (which the other vet said we must do), but we can have her sit next to us as long as she doesn’t walk / jump.

This made us feel much better. The one thing that worried us was she said Nyx would need probably at least one surgery for a torn ligament.

Our friend started to drive us home so we could walk the boys, and my partner called the vets that had Nyx back to ask a few questions about recovery time. The receptionist said “there’s nobody here that will answer your questions, you can wait until your appt.”

We got stuck in traffic, and a journey that normally takes 15 minutes took an hour. This meant we would be late back for Nyx as we had to walk Kasper & Rey.

My partner called as soon as we knew we would be late and said we were going to be 15 minutes late, the receptionist was extremely unsympathetic and said “the vet will see you when he sees you”.

Getting back to the vets we were in the waiting room for 20 minutes waiting – I actually thought I was going to puke on the floor with nerves and stress!!

There was a horrible man next to us with his Springer in the waiting room, constantly yelling at the dog and really yanking the dog’s choke chain. That made me feel even worse.

Eventually we went through, and I was already really scared, not just for Nyx but because I also knew I couldn’t deal with a vet being rude.

But it was a different vet, and this guy was LOVELY!

He showed us Nyx’s x-rays. Apparently, because Nyx is young, they can’t be 100% sure there isn’t a fracture (because of her growth plates), although they don’t think so. They think she’s either really badly twisted her leg, OR (more likely) she has torn a ligament.

At this point I was fighting tears again.

She will need 6 weeks crate rest, and a few check ups. He said she hopefully will need no surgery, and we were so happy because we were terrified about this.

The vet then said he has sorted us out so we get help with payment (basically we pay as much as we can; the more we pay the more help we will get, and we get vastly reduced fees).

So the combination of hearing Nyx was going to be okay and we wouldn’t struggle to pay for her treatment was just THE BEST NEWS EVER.

The amazing vet said he’d go get a nurse to bring Nyx through, and I just lost it. I was sobbing my eyes out. My partner held me to him, and I sobbed that I hated crying in front of Nyx and didn’t want to scare her, and he was just amazing…my partner is an incredible guy, you wouldn’t believe.

The nurse bought Nyx through just as I’d regained control of myself, and upon seeing Nyx I lost it again, and felt like a huge prat in front of the nurse 😛

But the nurse was lovely too!

She said Nyx has been absolutely incredible, and everybody has loved her. She said she’s been happy, and confident, and just wanting cuddles. She couldn’t believe when we told her how terrified Nyx was when we first brought her home!

The nurse said on the x-ray table, doped up, Nyx was wagging her tail!! Coming around, the nurse would bring Nyx out the crate when she whined, and have Nyx snuggled on her lap as she worked on the computer! She said Nyx had been trying to play with the practice dogs!

I lost it throughout all this and was just thanking her because it was so nice to know Nyx was cared for and loved, and they treated her well.

We picked up pain medication for Nyx, and she has a check-up appt in 3-4 days time.

She is not to run, or jump, or bounce. She can walk a little (eg. for going to the toilet) but mostly she needs to be still. For 6 weeks!

Nyx was wonderful on the car ride home. She was SO EXCITED to see us and licked up all my tears, and she was so happy interacting with the nurse as they said goodbye, so they must really have loved on her.

After the car ride we barriered her on the large footstool next to me, and after a little shuffly-pacing and whining, she has settled down and slept. She is sleeping now with her head pressed into my side 🙂

I am the happiest person in the world right now, my baby is back home.

Thank you everyone for your positive comments and wishes, thank you so much. I apologise for this really long, photo-less blog!!


8 thoughts on “The scariest day, *phew*

  1. How good Nyx will okay – eventually! You’ve been through the wringer today! I’m so sorry you had to deal with such awful people who are in the medical field and are supposed to be caring.

    • Thank you…I’m so relieved she will hopefully be 100% okay in the end, although 6 weeks of crate rest is daunting!! 😀

  2. Oh my word, I’m so happy to hear that she is ok! I read your previous post just before this one and I was so stressed out I immediately checked for an update! Lots of love to you and Nyx.

    • Aw haha thank you 🙂 Oh it was such a terrifying experience…I am SO relieved we’re where we are today! Thank you very much ❤

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