Nyx is hurt

She was doing mad zoomies, ran across the door jamb (didn’t bang into anything) and just started screaming.

We thought she had quicked a nail, but the nails were fine.

Stopped shrieking after a minute but couldn’t bear weight on the leg. Limped a few paces away and lay down, sleeping since. She has stretched the leg and I can touch it all over with nor reaction.

Spoke with emergency vet, said if we took her in now they would just hold her overnight until an x-ray tomorrow. Our vet is on cover tonight, she won’t be working tomorrow and I don’t truyst anyone else πŸ˜₯

I’m so scared. I feel like this is all my fault. I’m so scared she’s badly hurt πŸ˜₯

We don’t have many funds…I’m hoping my partner’s family woul;d lend us some.

Please think positive things for Nyxie πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯


17 thoughts on “Nyx is hurt

  1. Sounds like a pulled muscle to me as well, if it was a break you wouldn’t be able to touch it, the swelling would be a give away, plus she would have slept fitfully … sending hugs, positive thoughts and well wishes xxx

    • Thank you so much πŸ™‚ The vet had us so scared (talk of fracture and shattered kneecap!!!) but although we have to keep an eye on her, they are hopeful it is just a really bad sprain or torn ligament. Omb I have never been so scared!!

      • I felt exactly the same when Neurotic Cat fell out of a tree, she had a servierly torn muscle, talk about traumatic ..our furry loved ones sure know how to put us through it

      • Omb I can’t imagine seeing something so traumatic – Nyx was bad enough and she hurt herself running haha, I can’t imagine how much scarier it is when they hurt themselves falling out a tree, or getting hit by a car or anything.

        Also…how do you keep a cat on crate rest?!

      • The vet gave Neurotic Cat a mild sedative so she was OK with just resting for a few days, she actually fell out of a tree while trying to reach a bird box ..which was empty by the way, she managed this while I was actually watching her, she hadn’t been outdoors for 2 yrs
        How’s Nyx today ??

      • Omb how stressful! I can’t imagine. And the sedative seems like a good idea, I’ve been looking into natural calming aids we can give to Nyx, we already have Chamomile in so that might help.

        So far so good with Nyx! Thanks for asking πŸ™‚ We spent an hour this morning doing calm playing (lots of treats hidden inside any stuffed toys that have holes!!), then we carried her through town for about 45 minutes, got back and she emptied a few puzzle feeders – now she’s been sleeping for an hour!

        I doubt every day will go this smoothly haha, so I’m enjoying it while I can πŸ˜€

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