It’s gonna be a long summer…

It’s not even mid-June yet and I am SO sick of this heat!

It’s been sunny for weeks now, and with each passing week it is getting hotter. Yesterday it was 24*C, today it was 23*C and tomorrow it’s 24*C again.

Inside our Crested Gecko’s RUB it is 27*C…god damn is our house an oven, agh!

Not only do I struggle to cope with the heat (ugh, migraines), but it also messes up all our plans for socialisation too.

I can’t get Nyxie to the nearby mountain that I’ve wanted to for weeks, because it’s too damn hot.ย We haven’t seen any doggy friends for a few days now because we’re having to walk at stupid times to avoid the heat, and I can’t get her on buses or through town because again it’s soooo warm.

Nyx struggles to drink enough as it is, and we’ve discovered she sucks in heat worse than me hahaha – the past few days she was out less than a minute before beginning to pant!!


“How ya doin’?”


Over summer I always do the pavement check when we head out for walks with the dogs.

I hold the back of my hand against the floor for 5-10 seconds, and if it’s too hot for my skin it’s too hot for my pups’ feet. Today it was almost too hot, my hand was burny-hot after being held to the ground – not painful, but HOT, so we tried to only walk the dogs on grass.

We walked Nyx first before 9am, and walked her again at 2pm. For the latter we just went to the watering hole at a nearby field, and for the first time she had a bit of a paddle!

She dug at the water, waded 6 inches deep, and even bobbed for plants!!! She had her entire head underwater and was catching plants, and blowing bubbles from her nose hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€

The walk was only 20 minutes long but Nyx was very tired by the time we got back, so we left her in her crate for 40 minutes.

When we got back, my partner opened the crate doorย and Nyx didn’t even come out!!! Hahaha!

When I came upstairs she came out to wag at me, had a drink, then went back into her crate! She proceeded to sleep in there, with the door open, as my partner took Rey for a walk. When my partner got back she didn’t get up, and as I write this at 4.20pm she’s still in there XD


In a deep sleep I could play the drums on her belly and she wouldn’t wake up ๐Ÿ˜€

UTI update:ย we haven’t had any symptoms for a few days now, since we think she was piddling a lot because of the cranberry juice, so even that we don’t think was UTI related.

We’re still offering a liquid mix bowl of water, chamomile, and wet food several times a day (ACV morning and night) to get extra fluids into her, but I think she’s drinking more water from the bowl than she used to, too.

Her ears still like to keep us guessing ๐Ÿ˜‰

And look, finally some photos of her looking real Whippety!

Kasper and Nyx were wonderful during their intro today and played nicely. Kasper came to me when asked but Nyx was too excited, so my partner caught her up and removed her.

They played for 10 minutes, then each got a puzzle feeder separately. We were gonna do another intro, but Nyx fell asleep ๐Ÿ˜€

Tomorrow we have our friend coming around again. I’m scared, Nyx has gained so much confidence I think she might be overly enthusiastic!!


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