How old ARE you??

Calling all dog owners, especially those who have experienced puppyhood.

I need to pick your brains 😉

When we found Nyx (3 weeks ago) the vet determined she was about 12 weeks old, mainly because of a brief look at her teeth, and the obvious fact she was young.

That would make her 15 weeks old now, and it’s just that she acts A LOT older.

On the one hand she *has* to be young, because she lost her first tooth the other day (can bad diet affect when teeth fall out?), but she feels so much older.

Here’s why:

  • She doesn’t sleep much, at all.

It’s not that she doesn’t settle, because she does. Sometimes she settles when she’s fairly tired, other times she has to hit ‘I have absolutely exhausted myself’ levels before she sleeps. But she does sleep.

It’s just that she doesn’t sleep *enough*.

All my reading points at puppies under 4 months old needing 16 – 20 hours sleep a day. We worked out how much Nyx slept yesterday in total, and she slept for 11 hours total!

That’s a fairly typical amount for her, maybe a little less than usual, but she never even gets a large amount of sleep overnight.

She was absolutely exhausted last night, and in that over-tired arse stage, yet she woke up full of beans this morning after barely 8 hours sleep (probably less if you take into account her toilet trip midway through!)

When Raiden was around 12 weeks old he would play for less than 30 minutes, and then he would be exhausted, and have to be returned to his crate so he could sleep off his over-excitement. Nyx on the other hand can have zoomies around the house, playing with toys, for over an hour easily.

  • She feels more mature

This is a hard one to explain.

She has a ton of patience, she has good impulse control, she can entertain herself with toys for half an hour easily, needing no attention from us. I have never experienced puppies that could do this, or that were so patient.

  • Linked to the point above, she has not adapted well to socialisation…well she has, but everything was greeted fearfully initially

I know this could be to do with a really sucky start, but Zoey also had a bad start yet she was into and excited about everything. She was confident with everything new at just 10 weeks old.

For Nyx, everything was scary to her…she was extremely timid with everything. Horses, children, people in general, Kasper. When she saw cows last week (so about 13/14 weeks old) she actually growled at them.

It’s generally accepted that the socialisation window closes between 14-16 weeks old, which would fit because I feel Nyx is 16+ weeks now.

  • She needs a lot of stimulation. She feels like a teenager already!!

Not in terms of stroppiness, but in terms of energy levels, lack of real settling, occasional slowness to respond to cues that she knows for no reason.

And there’s that lack of puppy personality – the lack of enthusiasm, the bounciness, the stupid funny behaviour and noises. The eagerness and excitement.

It’s hard to explain, I guess.

I swear Kasper is picking up on this too, because his last few intro’s with Nyx, he’s been far less forgiving on her and constantly telling her off. Maybe she’s old enough for her ‘puppy license’ to have ended?

  • Finally she hasn’t grown much at all

She has grown some, but it isn’t at all remarkable…she’s still wearing the small harness at the same size, she still feels the same to carry etc.

Surely a puppy should have changed, and grown, a lot more in the time period of 12-15 weeks?

I mean when we first brought her home, because we thought she was so young, we were constantly joking (in a slightly horrified manner 😀 ) about how huge she was going to end up being.

Zoey was *tiny* at 12 weeks and looked a lot more babyish, yet Nyx was the same size as Raiden! We thought she was going to be this huge dog haha, now we’re hopeful she might be dinkier 🙂

Here’s Zoey at 13 weeks old:


Here’s Zoey at 16 weeks:

Zoey at 18 weeks:

And here’s Nyx, at supposedly 12 weeks:


Nyx at what should be 15 weeks:

I just don’t see much baby face or itty-bitty-puppy-ness!

I appreciate any thoughts on this. It interests me greatly 🙂

Nyx feels, to me, far closer to 16-20 weeks old…but she only just lost a baby tooth, and everywhere says that starts at 12-16 weeks at the very latest.

Side note, I miss Zoey so frickin’ much. I know I don’t talk about her at all on this blog (I don’t talk about her at all to anyone, ever, not even my partner) but I think of her a thousand times a day, and I miss her every second. I miss her so much.

5 thoughts on “How old ARE you??

    • Thanks 😀 I guess we won’t ever know for certain, just like we won’t know exactly what mix she is…but it’s nice to try and work it out and speculate 😀

  1. I know that no 2 dogs are the same, but Oscar is STILL a puppy at 20 months, whereas our previous rottie was so much more ‘grown up’ at that age, Nyx to me looks about 20 -24 weeks old and the way you describe her ie loosing her puppy licence with Kasper, her patience, and teenager behaviour, and the lack of ‘puppy looks’ would confirm to me at least that she is older than the vet suggested.
    PS I totally understand about Zoey xx

    • I’m thinking she’s at least 20 weeks old, so that ties in pretty well, thanks. And thank you again for the understanding ❤

      Nyx managed to seriously hurt her leg last night while doing zoomies, she can't put weight on it and was screaming for two minutes…we phoned the emergency vet who said not to bring her in unless she was still in a lot of pain (after the screaming Nyx slept) as they'd just hold Nyx until morning for an x-ray. We now have an appt at 10.30…I'm really hoping it's not a break and the appt doesn't scare Nyx 😦

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