I look cute in clothes!

That’s Nyx, not me πŸ˜‰

Yep, for the first time a few days ago we put clothes on her. We used Raiden’s Christmas jumper that we cut the legs off from, so to wear it Nyx just had to put her head through the head hole. It’s nice and loose and soft, so a good item to start her on.

The cuteness factor was through the roof, especially because the jumper says ‘little pudding’ on it πŸ˜€

I’m not really one for putting clothes on dogs – I think it’s cute, so every now and then I like taking photos of them wearing something, but I don’t do it regularly. However with Nyx being a lot sighthound, it’ll be good to get her used to wearing coats, as a lot of Whippets / Greyhounds are sensitive to cold.

You can see how much longer she is than Raiden already in these photos, look how short the jumper is on her!

After the Christmas jumper success we tried something heavier, and tighter fitting: Rey’s winter coat (which he has never needed to wear!).


You can’t really tell from these photos, but the coat was a little short on her as wellΒ XD

With this coat Nyx had to put her head through the head hole, and then a velcro band fastened around her belly too.

Again she did really well, she didn’t mind much at all.

I was getting her to run around, sit, lie down etc and she had no issues with anything πŸ™‚

Tooooo cute πŸ™‚

I have taken a step back from crate training and my partner has taken over. He records her in the crate when we leave, and he comes back first in case she’s all whiny-stressed whilst I wait outside for a few minutes. He also watches the video of her alone, as crate training seems to be something I’m especially sensitive to…which I guess is natural after Zoey.

Today we left Nyx in her crate & pen combo and left the house, filming her whilst we were out.

My partner said she didn’t whine as he came upstairs and opened her crate, she whined a little once out because he was ignoring her, but it went really well all in all. He said in the video footage, Nyx stropped in the normal puppy style with no real stress. She settled twice briefly, got up to strop a little more, then the last few minutes before we returned she slept wonderfully.

I’m extremely lucky to have my partner to take over when I’m struggling πŸ˜‰

We have had just one accident in the house today! We’re still giving her lots of fluids and supplements for her UTI.


Finally we have had Nyx almost three weeks now and she is a completely different dog to the one we cared for that first week…I don’t see any trace of the miserable puppy we found tied to a tree πŸ™‚

Neither of us feel she has grown much, but now when I look at her she looks BIG, whereas when we first brought her home she was small and skinny…she’s still lean, but healthily so, and she’s all legs. I think it’s only her legs that have grown XD

Her ears have changed, obviously. Her confidence has grown an incredible amount – she’s no longer scared of walks in the dark, for example. Her first half dozen walks in the dark she trembled, spent a lot of time alert and anxious, standing still. She would often try and bolt when she saw people in the gloom.

Now if only we can get this UTI under control and fight back to her previous confidence in crate training!


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