Crating & fuzzbutt recalls

First, I am overjoyed to announce that NYX DID WELL IN HER CRATE!!!!

After this morning went pretty well with leaving her in the crate and pen combo, this afternoon she had been such a crazy-pants and we were so exhausted (and, more importantly, so was she!) that we decided to leave her again.

Now you would not believe this puppy. She had training and play, then we did a brief intro with Kasper (Kasper SUCKED today, not sure why), so Nyx did lots of bouncing about and it was a lot of stimulation for her.

After that I played with her for a long time (45 minutes?), after which my partner commented that she must be shattered…AN HOUR LATER she was still doing zoomies, sprinting 100% full speed from one room, across the landing, and to the other.

Honestly, this puppy XD

By this point she was extremely over-tired and had got herself into a right state. Every now and then she would lie down, eyes crazily gaping and panting madly. She would whine, wriggle, then get up and play again.

Sometimes, she really sucks at knowing when to settle!

Just as she was winding down we decided to leave her, because she was seriously exhausted. My partner set the recording device up, then as he toileted Nyx I made two puzzle feeders and stacked her crate with toys.

When she came back upstairs I locked the pen door, so she couldn’t get in…she paced around the crate and pen, whining and whining because she knew there was so much good stuff in there.

Finally I opened the door, she leapt in, and we left.

This time we were gone for 30 minutes, and got to take Raiden for a walk together for the first time since bringing Nyx home 😀

When we got back I waited outside for a few minutes, my partner sorted Nyx, and then he watched the footage back.


She whined for less than 4 minutes, emptied her puzzle feeders, chewed her large rope toy, then slept *happy dance*

I’m so relieved to see we’re getting back on track, and it makes me hope that her acting up in the crate the other day was just because of the beginning of her UTI, or because she knew we were in the next room and not out the house.

Regardless, I am soooo pleased with this progress, it was very much needed 🙂

Finally, I have photos of the little fuzzbutt to share!

I haven’t been able to get many pics of Raiden when I’ve walked him on my own, so it was lovely to capture him having fun today 🙂

I love getting my camera to take photos as Rey is running to me, I end up with some crackers!

And here he is happy after a slurp at the watering hole

Look. at. this. face!! ❤

We had a really, REALLY nice walk together. It was very relaxing; it was nice to spend time with Rey and my partner, and when we got back we had the lovely surprise of Nyx doing well too!



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