Random phone photography

Quick update on Nyx about her urinary tract infection.

For the past few hours we have had no accidents in the house!! Yesterday this would have been unthinkable 🙂

So that’s incredible.

Crate training is still a huge work in progress. We have left a small penned area attached to the front of her crate, and we continue to close her in and throw her treats for being calm. Today she chewed her puzzle feeder with the door shut, and I also closed her in a few times whilst throwing her treats for being quiet. She also chose to sleep in there for about an hour.

Leaving the house / room is still proving problematic, even though we’ve taken it right back to the beginning. We left her for just a few minutes today (literally walked around the block) and my partner said Nyx whined once as he was going up the stairs to her, and she was excitable and whiny when she was let out the crate. He of course just ignored her.

I don’t know how much of it is just normal puppy ‘don’t leave me’ whining, but after her stress the other day I get scared, and want to reinforce that crate as much as possible.

Anyway, here are some random photos I’ve taken over the past few weeks. I might have posted some before, I can’t remember 🙂



All these photos were taken on my Xperia S camera phone; I love that phone!

Oh, and a quick rant – almost all the dog poo bins in our area are overflowing because morons keep putting general waste into them (ranging from from picnic blankets, empty bread packets from feeding the ducks, to broken umbrellas).

If people are going to shove rubbish into these bins, and completely block them to the point where you can’t even force them open, how can they complain when dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs?!

There are loads of public bins near every one of these dog waste bins, I just don’t get it.



8 thoughts on “Random phone photography

  1. Yeah! for Nyx – so glad she’s getting better! Beautiful photos!! People are lazy – they’d rather throw the poo on the ground than take it home and put it in their own trash can or carry it a step further.

    • I really hope she keps improving – I keep getting scared because she’s still piddling every 30-60 minutes, and having to remind myself that a) she’s a young puppy! and b) we’re getting a lot of fluids down her 😀

    • Thank you on both accounts 😀

      Haha well I guess it’s kinda nice to know other dog owners have poo bin problems too…I bet it’s hard work squeezing a giant Rottie poo into over flowing bins XD

      • It’s not the lack of poo bins or room therein, it’s the fact some folks don’t pick up the poo to start with !!

    • Thank you, I’m actually starting to think we might need a vet visit *crosses fingers*

      Thanks! Photography is one of my favourite-est things haha, I like it because I can enjoy it without it having to be me taking the photos, I love looking at other people’s work too 🙂

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