A huge spanner in the works

Everything was going fine until yesterday, at about 2pm.

Nyx started peeing continuously.

I was like ‘oh shit, we have a UTI on our hands…’ She went from having very few accidents in the house and needing to be taken out to the toilet every hour or so, to urinating every ten seconds when she was awake.

We couldn’t believe it!

I’ve never had a dog with a UTI before, so this was a whole new experience 😀

We phoned the vets asap and spoke with the emergency vet, as it was a bank holiday. She said there was no need to bring her in on the bank holiday, and that she personally would wait a few days with adding things to Nyx’s food, as sometimes they clear up on their own.

If it’s no better by then, or if symptoms are worse (eg. blood in pee), bring her in.

……… (<— message from Nyx on what she thinks about all this XD )

Right away we barriered Nyx off into one of our small rooms upstairs, and spread a waterproof car seat cover over most the floor.

We cleaned up every accident Nyx had, and continued to walk / toilet her every hour as we normally would – there was absolutely no point trying to prevent piddles in the house, as when she was awake she literally peed every 5-10 seconds.

Cleaning up pee continuously is pretty damn exhausting, I’ll just throw that out there 😉

Apparently a huge cause of UTIs is not taking in enough fluids, which resonated with us as Nyx drinks SO much less than either of the boys – Kasper has been known to polish off full bowls of water, and it’s not unusual for Rey to have a dozen laps in a row.

We’ve never seen Nyx drink more than two laps at a time, and she rarely drinks.

So we’ve been getting more fluids into her by mixing all her food with water, and on top of that we’ve added a little cranberry juice, ACV and some sort of herbal tea to her food also. (I’m not sure what the tea is, I’ll have to ask my partner when he gets back)

To begin with Nyx was really whiny and restless, but as the day progressed she got better and better at settling.




Today she is completely fine in herself, she’s just piddling a lot!

When she’s asleep she can hold it for several hours at a time, which is a relief, but awake the longest she can go without urinating is about half an hour if she’s chewing a toy or puzzle feeder.

Now this has thrown a real spanner in the works.

1) We can’t leave her in her crate

I imagine if we shut her in her crate she will feel incredibly uncomfortable, and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to force her to urinate in her den…that’s just not happening.

However we really do need to work on crate training and teach her that being alone is okay, so that’s a HUGE ball ache…

We’ve constructed a small penned area outside the crate, and will be working hard to show her it’s good.

That way she doesn’t have to pee in her crate, and hopefully none of the negative feelings will be attached to the crate. I don’t know when we will leave her in there for the first time.

2) This makes her socialisation hard!

Because we need to keep getting fluids in her to try flush the infection out, we don’t want her dehydrating, so no big walks – it’s HOT out there right now!

This means we can’t get her to new walks as we have to stick close by, we can’t walk her as often as we want because we don’t want her using up her fluids haha, AND we can’t socialise her to indoor places (eg. the pet shop) or take her on the bus.

Damn >__<

3) Housetraining.

We had made real progress with housetraining, and now that’s all gone out the window…

A lot of sites say a UTI won’t affect house training as they’re only piddling indoors because they’re poorly, but Nyx was only 80% housetrained to begin with so I imagine it will make things harder.

So it’s all been very tiring and stressful here, for everyone involved. I’m really hoping we can avoid the vets, but I doubt it.

Today my family wanted to come up for a visit, but obviously we can’t really leave Nyx. My partner has told me to go for a meal with them and pick up some shopping, and I suggested I could walk Kasper with them beforehand too.

I’m letting Kasper off lead in the secure field we found with Nyx. This is TERRIFYING as he hasn’t been off lead outside a fenced area for years…for some stupid reason I think he’ll do okay though. We’ll see 😉


6 thoughts on “A huge spanner in the works

  1. This must have been lurking behind her unruly behaviour the other day! I hope you both have already seen the bottom of the pit and will have better days soon.

    • Yeah we thought that very much could have been the explanation for her strop the other day. She seems to have improved over today, so fingers crossed she will feel a little better soon…

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