Training + intro’s

I finally got some video footage for you today!

The first is of the body handling work I’m doing with Nyx at the moment, namely getting her used to having her paws handled and her nails trimmed.

For now I am filing her nails when she’s awake (because she’s not quite patient enough for clippers yet, so I do that when she’s sleeping!) and as usual she is rocking it 🙂

And the second video is footage of Kasper and Nyx’s introduction work, which I’ve been trying to catch on camera for ages.

They’d been out about ten minutes together here, racing around madly and winding each other up. This was their cool down period.

I’d like to remind everyone that Kasper is a resource guarder – years past he would not let a dog anywhere near him or me when anybody had food. Yet look how comfortable he is with this new dog being around as he eats 🙂

Towards the end Nyx was getting a little over-excited for my liking, and ignoring me, so we ended the session.

Most sessions are around 10-20 minutes long, and we do at least one a day.

Nyx had a big walk today and walked almost all of it herself!

We went into town, popped into the pet shop for a visit – she was MUCH better than any other time we’ve been in there. She was calm but eager to explore, she followed sits, and for the first time she was able to pass through the doorway and exit the shop herself (previously she has always been too scared to do this!).

On our way up through town, the streets were heaving with people, and omb my star girl did so well 🙂

She came to the side when I asked her to, to let people pass us on the narrow pavement. She crossed the road when I asked her to, she waited when I asked, and when she got close to a group of people she came away and carried on with just a little pulling and a quick whine.

After that we joined the canal, walked alongside the water for about 15 minutes (Nyx saw her first ducks!), came off and looped back through town.

Isn’t she amazing? 🙂


“Mum if I’m so amazing, why don’t I have many toys…?” 😉


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