So you know how in the last blog I mentioned that Nyx’s ears have begun to stand these past few days, but really only on walks?

And how I said it was really hard to get photos of her ears standing?

The past few hours, BOTH ears have been up about 75% of the time!!!!! What madness is this?! 😀

I have plenty of photos with her up ears now haha, they’ve been up every time she was awake and active!

Remember how I said she would look hysterical with up ears?? IT’S SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!!

We’re so excited about this haha it’s really sad…but isn’t this weird?! What breed does this show, mixed in her genetics somewhere??


Here are some before photos, these two were taken within the last few days:

And these are from her first 4 days with us:

And these were all taken within the last hour or so.




When she sleeps or chews toys, her ears flop like they used to…isn’t this insane?? What breeds have ears that do this, I’m intrigued? 🙂


11 thoughts on “EARS!!

    • Hahaha I have been telling her constantly that I wish she’d let me get a photo of her ear sticking up…she did a lot better than that 😀

      • I am a firm believer that they can understand us! It freaks me out when I ask one of mine to do something, and they look at me with such understanding and then disappear, as if to do it!

  1. Omg her ears are adorable! They really remind me of a german shepherds ears when they are at the floppy puppy stage. She might have a bit if shepherd in her or collie, I found this page with a dog which they think is whippet or lurcher with some collie and shepherd in it, which I wouldn’t be surprised with as we get loads of weird sighthound crosses like bull lurchers around here

      • Hahaha no it’s fine, I knew what you meant 🙂

        We see some crazy sighthound crosses around here too, mostly from people who breed them to work…a LOT of Whippets / Greyhounds x Staffies, and we see quite a few Whippets x Bedlington Terriers too…

    • Thanks!! Every time we see her with her ears up we laugh and elbow each other excitedly XD

      Oh hey they do look like her. Whippet x Collie / GSD huh? That’s an interesting mix XD

      Oooh, I just googled ‘brindle whippet x collie’, there are a lot that look like her…if you google ‘brindle whippet x GSD’ they seem to look more square-headed / chunkier, and most have different fur types. So I wonder if she is Whippet x Staffy x Collie?!?

      Oh it’s so exciting XD

    • Haha thanks, we think so too! We totally want to get a DNA test when she’s older, I think that would be so much fun 🙂

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