Impulse control around food

When Nyx first came she was a timid, nervy little girl.

When we ate and she caught our eye, she would immediately cower and look away. I leapt on this and threw her treats whenever we made eye contact.

Over the next week, as she gained confidence, she was far happier to sit right by me and maintain eye contact whilst I ate / had food.

About six days in she started trying to walk up to my food as I was eating, and I was like ‘yay, finally, normal puppy behaviour!‘ And then the real training began.

I started teaching her a STOP / no closer signal, and started rewarding her for keeping her distance and being patient even when my food was right in front of her.

She is showing some killer impulse control, and here are some pics of Little Miss doing well 🙂


4 thoughts on “Impulse control around food

  1. She is beautiful. I am looking forward to more updates on her (and the other doggies).

    We adopted a senior husky (between 10 and 12 years old) earlier this year (he was in a rescue for more than half his life), and have been dealing with some of the same things: “teaching” him to sit, which he has learnt (he is also almost giving paw!), feeding him with our other dogs (there have been some issues with food with our other husky), teaching him not to eat off our plate (which is proving to be difficult), trying to get him to sleep through the night (he needs to pee all the time)… But I wouldn’t change it for the world!!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Thank you 🙂

      Oh wow half his life in rescue? That’s terribly sad…the rescue we volunteer at, we’ve seen some completely adorable long-term dogs. One of the longest I can remember was a Staffy who was there for around 6 years, and ultimately he died there – his only ‘problem’ was that he had epilepsy, he was perfect in every other way 😦

      He is so lucky to have found you 🙂

      • Awww bless him. Rescue is no place for any dog to be, but I feel particularly sorry for older dogs AND high energy breeds.

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