Happy Booday!

I mentioned it was Kasper (and my partner’s) birthdays yesterday, but it was a rather pitiful affair as we are puppy-brained and poor haha.

Even so Kasper had a good day, and he did get one present that I bought for him before we found Nyx…unfortunately it was a bed hahahaha, so not the most exciting for him 😀

It was the same as the bed we already have, but he loves it so much we bought another so he could have one in each room!


On his birthday my partner took him for two decent sized walks (30-45 minutes, so not huge), and he got to say hi to his new sister.

Then, because we couldn’t buy him toys or special treats, he had to make do with THREE puzzle feeders filled with a mix of kibble, wet dog food, and PB!

I made him pose just a little…

And yes, he is six years old now, as hard to believe as that is 🙂

And that was pretty much his birthday!

I have promised that as soon as we can leave Nyx for a decent amount of time, we will take him on a gigantic, epic walk – as long as he promises he won’t find anymore puppies hahaha 😉

And then when we have money we will try buy him a toy or two. Because the big goof certainly deserves that.

So happy birthday Kasper, we love you so much ❤

And here are some photos of the gorgeous boy, ranging from his very first night with us, to last month 🙂



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