Nyx makes friends!

Nyx has learned a lot about the world today, and we have experienced a lot of new things together.

First she slept in her crate for the first time as we’d left the house!!

Obviously this is awesome, and when we gt back she was fast asleep. We opened her crate door, she climbed beside us on the footstool, and went to sleep. Not a peep!

Unfortunately we had to wake her up because…..

It was time to meet our friend :O

Admittedly I was nervous about this. This would be the first person Nyx had met with us that wouldn’t just be a brief greeting, and although she had overcome her initial nerves with everybody she had met, our friend was male and had a beard (a lot of dogs are scared of beards), and Nyx has already shown herself to be nervy of men.

We had our friend sit on a bench just at the end of our row of houses, then we walked Nyx towards him.

My partner went and sat next to our friend on the bench, and I held Nyx’s lead and let her do what she wanted.

At first she froze and just stared, and I happy-talked her and fed her chicken. Then she giddily ran to my partner and completely blanked our friend – we had told him to ignore her, too, as that almost always helps fearful dogs.

After playing and kissing my partner then running to me, Nyx began to cautiously sniff our friend’s feet.

She sniffed all over his body, and we told him he could talk gently to her and stroke her back or front. After a few minutes we all went for a walk together, and Nyx was wonderful.

She walked well, and would think about ducking towards our friend but then get scared. I made sure she was getting lots of treats, and we did LAT and engage-disengage.

Halfway through the walk she said hi to our friend, and when we got  home she played happily with me and my partner, ignoring our friend.

After about 20 minutes she played a little with him, sniffed hello, excitedly said hello, and then snuggled with him 😀


Although she didn’t choose to interact with him *that* much, she was completely comfortable with him ^__^

After the walk, introduction, and lots of play, Nyxie was shattered.

She slept for about 30 minutes next to our friend, then slept a further 45 minutes on the opposite side of the room on Kasper’s bed.

Then our takeaway arrived, and Nyx continued to be wonderful around food – training in  this area is going spectacularly too!

After we ate my partner and friend took Kasper for a walk, and I played with Nyxie. Thirty minutes after they headed out Nyx told me she needed the loo, so out we went and I decided to carry her about a bit too.

We bumped into the neighbour we know, so again Nyx said hello to her.

This time Nyx was more excited (because she recognised her, or after her unusual tiring day, I wasn’t sure) but she came away every time I asked her to, sat for me, and by the end of us talking Nyx was lying down, attention on me 🙂

We came home and Nyx played, and we’re just waiting her to crash again!

Today Nyx learned people don’t have to be scary. She *can* make friends, and she can find people who aren’t her mum and dad exciting. She was left alone in the house for the first time and was amazing, and she continues to work on her impulse control and housetraining.

Very successful day for the Nyxter 😉


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