Nail trims & intros

Had another intro with Nyx and Kasper today.

First we intro’d in the house, but I think it’s gonna be tricky from now because Nyx is gaining confidence…this means she *wants* to play with Kasper, but she isn’t confident enough to play just yet.

She barks and barks at him, and desperately tries to get him to play…but we have to try keep Kasper calm, because Nyx gets scared when Kasper does try to play with her.

So now we need to work on ways where they can be calm(ish) whilst interacting and being near to each other. We took them into the garden and walked about on lead together, and that was much better.

Nyx was excited to see Kasper and would try get to him, but by the end they were walking side by side, sniffing things etc.

Then also today Nyx said hi to another stranger. This time we put her on the floor in the person’s garden, and Nyx was wonderful. She was actually quite excited to greet this person. It was lovely to see ๐Ÿ™‚

And finally Nyx said hi to a Labrador!

This yellow Lab ambled over to us off lead, completely ignoring its’ owner (because of course…) and I was out with Nyx on my own, so I was happy-talking her in my arms and telling her how well she was doing.

Then the Lab started jumping up (I had treats in my pocket, he wanted ’em), and it was just dangerous…I didn’t wanna scare Nyx, I didn’t wanna fall over, and I was scared about dislocating my knee again.

And of course the Lab’s owner wasn’t helping.

So I yelledย to ask if the dog was vaccinated, then knelt down with Nyx on my lap, because I couldn’t do anything else – the dog’s owner was too far off. Nyx ROCKED, the Lab was more interested in sniffing out any food, so Nyx was able to say hi and bounce about a little, and then the owner finally arrived, got the dog, and yay socialisation ๐Ÿ™‚

I cut Nyx’s nails for the first time today ^__^

The white nail has been trimmed in the photo above, the black nail I filed a little yesterday but didn’t use any clippers on it.

I have NEVER cut such tiny nails before!!!!

It was hard to take the tiny shavings of nail off that were needed, because the clippers felt so huge next to them. I mean, look how big my thumb looks next to Nyx’s diddy nails!

I might need to get the guinea pig nail trimmers out haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Nyx was awesome though, she slept through it all. I trimmed half a dozen nails total; it’s so fun to have a puppy that’s fine with her feet being touched! I hope we can keep it up and work on it when she’s awake too.

*edit to add more nail trim pics!*

Later today we’re carrying Nyx into town; check out the pet shop, the busyness of it all, and pop into the vets for her check up.

It’s hard carrying her, because even though she’s small still and there’s no fat on her, my god is she heavy!! I can’t wait until she can walk ๐Ÿ˜›



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