Making her work!

Nyx has had a BIG day today 😛

With Nyx being older than most pups you bring home, and with her having the history she does and the shyness, we really need to work at positively socialising her to as much as possible.

We’ve been carrying her around several times a day, and giving her treats for EVERYTHING!!

Things she has experienced include…

  1. Very loud bangs from nearby building work
  2. Lorries passing us
  3. Motorbikes
  4. Cyclists
  5. People walking past
  6. Saying hello to people
  7. Seeing other dogs go by
  8. Seeing other animals (namely cats so far)
  9. Going to dog friendly places
  10. Going to the vets
  11. Experiencing the rain

Today we went into town and popped into the vets. All good on that front, and she did well. We then walked to our local pet shop, and Miss Nyx rocked.

She stood on the counter and greeted the pet shop owner, who we know quite well. She was fed a few treats as we chatted (from us and the owner) and got strokes.

Then we walked her around, which she did really well at. She walked past unusual things, big boxes, the rows of fish tanks with filters buzzing away, we were allowed to explore behind the till and she chose to go say hi to the owner again.

She even chose out her own and very first toy that is all hers! 🙂

That was a great experience for us all.

Interestingly when we were talking about Nyx’s background, the pet shop owner said that a village less than a 10 minutes drive from us has a huge problem with abandoned puppies that have been bred for working, and are almost all Lurchers / Greyhound  / Whippets and mixes thereof.

She said they frequently find abandoned puppies, and tragically sometimes they are discovered dead too 😦 I never knew it was such a problem in this area. I knew a lot of people worked Terriers and sighthounds, but sheesh…

Omb is it hard to blog with a puppy haha. I find blogging at least once daily really helpful and enjoyable, but Nyxie loves to make it as hard as possible 😛

We just got back from another walk with Kasper, and now Nyx is in her crate (with the door shut) chewing on a new filled bone. She’s been in there 20 minutes so far, it’s going great…and I can blog in peace, yay!!

I’ll leave some of the messages she typed at the bottom… XD















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