It’s very hard to describe Nyx.

She can be confident yet timid; playful yet incredibly calm; friendly yet nervous.

It’s not necessarily that she’s frightened with people, it’s just that she has absolutely zero interest or connection with them…wait, that’s not right either, because she loves snuggles…it’s like they have never had a role in her life.

After a few days she has started cuddling with us, and she really enjoys fuss…but  she knows nothing about being spoken to, and when we encourage her to us, however we sound has no effect…I can hold my hands out to her, clap my hands, play bow to her, and squeal all excited, but it won’t make a difference to her.

It’s not that she’s not a people-pup, because she loves play and cuddles…she just seems to have zero experience.

Also she is slightly more timid when we are stood up – she will approach us submissively / timidly. When we are sitting she bounds to us 95% of the time, although occasionally there is some timidity.

She loves her food, which is to be expected, and puzzle feeders sometimes frustrate her – she will whine quietly as she does them!!


Crate training hasn’t really begun yet, we have shut her into the pen alongside the crate whilst she has puzzle feeders, but only briefly (20 mins tops) and we haven’t left the house yet.

I’m trying to do lots of positivity with the crate, as she seems to have had an unpleasant experience with one, so we’re certainly not shutting her in yet.

She sleeps with us at night and is incredible.

She’s an extremely floppy puppy, she will just flop everywhere, and in the night she can often be found under my or my partner’s arm, spooning with us, with her head nestled against our own. Adorable ❤


Housetraining, again going well, just one accident.

We started work on sit today, as she’s finally understanding us giving her treats, so I’m introducing the clicker…at this point she will respond to the hand signal for sit about 70% of the time. I don’t think that’s too bad!

She responds to her name really well, but again her approach can sometimes be a little timid…just a lowered head, and low, slightly nervy tail wag.

Today we began harness work and she was amazing – she was fine with a step-in harness and the EzyDog which went over her head…that sighthound body makes fitting step-ins tough though!!!

I’ve also been doing lots of beginners handling work with her…stroking her all over while she sleeps, checking her ears, playing with her feet etc. She’s really rocked at this, I did some mock filing with her ID tag against her nails today and she didn’t so much as twitch in her sleep 🙂

She’s incredible though, and the difference we’ve seen already is amazing…I mean, look at this confidence!

As I type this my partner’s out with Rey, Kasper’s just been for a walk (before that he was out, separated across the hall, so him and Nyx could see each other), and currently Nyxie is beside me, pressed right against me, sleeping ❤

Oh, and look at her new tag that arrived today!



10 thoughts on “Progress

    • Thank you, she sure is!! 🙂 Everyday new aspects of her personality come out…her energy is slowly climbing day by day!

  1. Awww she is so adorable! Does the ID tag mean you’re going to keep her then? I’m glad she’s doing well, it’s awful to think someone just left her 😦

    • We’d be ecstatic if it pans out that way, but there’s a few things we’d need to work out first…we’d really want Nyx and Kasper to get along, we’d need to wait a while and get to know her personality (I’m not exactly looking for a ‘project’ dog, so any huge, extreme red flags would be an issue) and we’d h578uyve to get to know her energy levels

      • Ah wonderful, she’d just come from the toilet and danced all over they keyboard in her excitement XD

      • Aww good luck with it! I can’t say as I envy you, two puppies would be very hard work! But then if anyone is going to be able to do it without causing litter ate syndrome it would be you guys!

      • Thanks, I really hope she stays this easy-going…her intro with Kasper seems to be going well, through today we progressed to having them sat side-by-side on opposite sides of one fence, whilst I fed them both treats – no thought of RG from Kasper, both extremely calm. It was awesome! Not sure how to progress, possibly a walk together (distance at first) and judge how Kasper’s doing, as he can get over-excited – ?

        Yeah, we’ve always had our dogs spend time apart from each other in the house, and they’ve always had separate walks – I think that’s something we would always continue, as it’s just so much easier to work on issues, dole out treats etc. when you only have one dog. I’m not *too* worried about littermate syndrome as I’m not planning to intro Raiden to Nyx for quite some time – he is just *too* excitable and has such little impulse control!!! It’s something we will work on in time, but probably when they’re both older. I do really want Kasper and Nyx to be able to spend time together though.

        Thank you again for such a huge compliment 🙂

  2. She is adorable. Thank you for rescuing her… Too many people probably would have just left her tied up, or dropped her off at a rescue organisation. What you are doing is amazing.

    • Aww thank you so much 🙂 She hasn’t been here long but we honestly can’t imagine life without her now, she has settled in so well 🙂

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